Traditional tree isn’t your thing? Then assemble yourown in contemporary glowing geometric shapes. Seletti’s Linea lights can be hung from most surfaces and come in an array of neon shades to play with. Continue the modern festive theme with sleek acrylic pyramids. ‘Obelisks are every decorator’s secret weapon,’says designer Jonathan Adler. ‘They’re perfect on a lonely tabletop or shelf.’

(Image credit: Paul Massey)


Create your own snow globe to hold the whole world (well, London at least) in your hands. Choose a Scandi-sleek terrarium, fill with fake snow and add in mini architectural marvels. Finish with a retro-style bottle brush tree.

(Image credit: Paul Massey)


Thinking of gifting someone a ride for Christmas? Ditch the wrapping paper and deck it out in twinklingfairy lights for a present that delivers pizzazz. Co-ordinate any extragifts in similar shades to keep the impact strong.

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Scrap the usual Advent calendar and give the kids something special to open each day with a repurposed apothecary chest. Add a few ornaments and labels on the handles and you have a magical calendar of epic proportions.


This year, take your cue from the giant tree in The Nutcracker, because bigger is definitely better. Adorn the tree in oversizeddecs like paper baubles, which come in tons of shapes, such as stars and pom-poms. Mixing and matching will add drama.


Ramp up the festive air on your wrapping. Take a faux feather, coat parts in glue and dip in a plate of (biodegradable) glitter to make the perfect finishing touch.


Garlands may sound traditional, but by going for the ‘more is more’ approach you’ll find that something distinctly modern emerges. Create a statementby choosing an oversized arrangement bursting with foliage, flowers and baubles. ‘Look at the room and choose tones to harmonise with the colour scheme,’ says florist Nikki Tibbles.

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