Trending: Ladder Ideas For Every Room

From ladder loft ideas to ladder storage ideas and ladder shelf ideas, here are Livingetc's favourite ways to incorporate ladders in the home.

Pinterest users are loving kitchen ladders, and there seems to be a growing trend for decorative ladders in the home.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a lot of ladder storage and ladder-shaped shelving, and we’ve seen ladders in bathrooms – usually used for hanging towels from.

But for 2020, ladders have been moving into other corners of the home – starting with the kitchen.

Kitchen ladders offer easy access to overhead storage, and pantry shelves that would otherwise be out of reach. This opens up the possibility of storing items higher up than you normally would. But practicalities aside, they instantly draw the eyes up, accentuating the height of tall spaces.

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And it’s not just kitchens that have seen ladders trending. Bedrooms, dressing rooms, offices, library spaces, lofts and mezzanine levels all feature them, too.

Here we’ve rounded up a few ladder ideas from Livingetc homes. From glamorous brass ladders in grown-up, elegant dressing rooms, to simple, rustic wooden ladders used as loft ladders, they are taking interiors to dizzy new heights, both literally and figuratively.

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Tall ladders against bookshelves provide unfettered access, while also drawing attention to a tall ceiling. Meanwhile, short ladder-inspired shelving can be used to display decorative items, or for bathroom towels. If you’ve got a tall room, you could consider a mezzanine level with ladder access to create a room within a room.

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