Seriously Cool Bunk Bed Ideas

Modern bunk bed ideas for small bedrooms...

Bunk beds are a wonderful thing. Aside from being space-saving, they are fun and can look pretty chic too – when done well. Not convinced? We’ve sifted through our archives and pulled out some of the best bunk bed ideas we’ve come across so far.

Bunk bed design is all about combining a fun, playful vibe with space-saving solutions that help maximise a room’s potential. With space at a premium for urban, city homes, it pays to think vertically.

Our bunk bed ideas below range from kids’ rooms to play rooms and even grown-up guest bedrooms. Some of the below built-in bunk beds were designed with adults in mind – there is enough space so you don’t bang your head when getting into bed.

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Built-in beds are also great for holiday homes, to accommodate extra sleepers – and they’re far more chic and comfortable than a pull-out sofa in the living room. Get inspired by ABD Studio’s bunk bed design and give each bunk bed its own curtain for privacy.

To really make the most of every square inch in a room, going bespoke is your best bet as it means that a bed can stretch wall to wall (without leaving award pockets of wasted space), and can be personalised with USB sockets, wall lights, and even built-in trundle drawers or book shelves. To soften the look, make like Katharine Pooley and give each bed an upholstered headboard.

The best bunk bed ideas feature playful and creative designs, from mezzanine balconies and look-out towers to clever concealed storage and a fun slide to get down. In Scenario Architecture’s East London house, a bunk bed room was given a mezzanine floor that’s only accessible via a climbing wall – with a fireman’s pole to come down.

If a room is tall enough for a triple bunk bed, you could consider switching up the top bunk for a cool mezzanine play balcony – thus keeping floor space clutter-free.

Get inspired by these gorgeous bunk bed ideas…

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