Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration For Teen Girls

These are the coolest teen girl bedrooms out there...

If you’re looking for some seriously cool bedroom ideas for teen girls, you’ve hit the jackpot. We’ve peeked inside the homes of the coolest designers and their teenagers, and we’re sharing the best bedrooms. From fashion designer Matthew Williamson’s wild interior and Alice Temperley’s cool country home to rock chicks Daisy Lowe and Pearl Lowe’s bedrooms, we’ve got teen bedroom ideas aplenty.

There are ’90s looks with bubble chairs, pretty rooms with patterned wallpaper, and ultra glam bedrooms with seating areas that are perfect for gossiping in private. We’ve even thrown in some stylish ideas from illustrator and creator Rory Dobner’s home to suit goth girls.

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But first thing’s first. If you’ve read this far, we’re assuming you might be a parent with a teenage daughter. So, parents, LISTEN UP.

When it comes to redecorating your teenager’s bedroom, ask yourself what it is that they really want. Most teenagers just want to be grown up, they crave their independence, and they don’t feel like children anymore. They’re probably sick of their single bed and demand a double. And they’ll probably be dreaming of a bedroom that looks more like a master bedroom, or something that’s – at the very least – Instagrammable. Or is it Tick Tock now? We can’t keep up.

The inspiration for a teen bedroom should come more from a master bedroom angle than a kids room angle. Really want to bowl her over? The sure-fire way to your teenage daughter’s heart is grown-up glamour. We’re talking four poster beds, canopy beds, or OTT upholstered headboards. Indulge them in a double – or even King size bed.

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On a budget? There are plenty of YouTube videos out there on how to create your own DIY upholstered headboard from scratch – perhaps even a fun project to do together? Canopy beds are also relatively inexpensive and straight-forward to make. And four poster beds don’t have to be expensive or even brand new, we think the best designs out there are often second hand.

Once you’ve sorted a bed, you’ll want to think about the ‘Instagrammableness’; we’re talking framed prints, maybe a gallery wall, a painted or wallpapered ceiling, maybe some graphic, masking-tape painted walls or a cool bedroom wallpaper, plus some cool bedroom lighting. Extra cool points for additions like a mini fridge, secret door, and / or in-room seating area.

And they might think they’re pretty grown up, but trust us; they’re never too old for fairy lights.

Here are 34 cool bedroom ideas for teen girls to inspire a bedroom makeover…

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