This Viral Zara Home Jewelry Box is the Organizer You Didn't Know You Needed — Instantly Decluttering Your Bedroom

I spotted this jewelry box while scrolling on TikTok. It's well-made, well-reviewed, functional, and — best of all — well-priced. I'll take 20!

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In my heart of hearts, I am an accessories fanatic. I love to dress up an outfit with a few layered necklaces and a stack of bracelets — though earrings are my favorite piece to experiment with. There's no greater joy than adding a pair of new, chunky, statement hoops to an already-chic outfit; it's the best opportunity to infuse extra personality into your uniform.

The only problem? I live in New York. And New York apartments do not mesh well with lots of new. There is barely space for a bed or a sofa from one of best home decor brands, let alone a new necklace or bracelet, however tiny. I've figured out some storage/display hacks here and there to keep my ever-growing collection from taking over the top of my dresser, but I know that so long as I live here, I won't be able to indulge in the ultimate jewelry storage solution: the jewelry box.

The right jewelry box should be as elegant as the pieces it houses; just as your rings act as decor for your hands, the box itself should serve as decor for your home. It should look intentional; it should curate a vintage vibe; and above all, it should be functional.

As I was scrolling through TikTok the other day, I found what I now believe to be the perfect starter jewelry box. It's from Zara Home and it's going viral as we speak — probably because it's so dang chic. Oh, and did I mention that it's under $100?

The viral Zara Home jewelry box


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As you can see, this gorgeous wooden jewelry box already has quite a few fans online. The natural wood casing feels organic and luxurious — like it should cost way more than it does — while the transparent crystal top (a perfect minimalist touch) means your jewelry can, at once, be both on display and safely stored away in the various compartments.

The box itself is chunky enough to not look out of place on your dresser or bedside table, and would easily blend in with other decor. But the best part of all? It's only $90. Run, don't walk — before the whole of TikTok catches wind of this bargain.

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Though it's certainly my favorite, the Zara Home jewelry box isn't the only worthwhile piece on the market right now. For any of the less impressed, I've gone ahead and collected a few other jewelry storage options that are equally as practical and equally as gorgeous.

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