5 things people with neatly organized closets always have - they're ideas that will help you curb clutter

If you're looking to give your closet a bit of a revamp, these five things are essential buys

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When your closet is perfectly organized, getting out the door in the morning becomes a whole lot easier, and having nothing to wear becomes a thing of the past. Everything has its designated space, which contributes in turn to a relaxing bedroom. There are a couple of tricks that professional declutterers swear by to help you sort out any closet chaos - from the ways you store your clothing, habits for dividing items between sections and remembering to give your closet a routine declutter.

But there is a sea of organizing products out there that can also really help you declutter the space. Here are five items that the best closet organization ideas that will transform how you store your clothes. 

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Best clothes hangers

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How to unclutter your closet

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There are many techniques you can try to unclutter that unruly closet. One clear place to begin is by emptying your closet. This makes the whole task feel far less overwhelming. Remove all your hanging items and anything that you might find sitting on the floor of the wardrobe and be ruthless with deciding what's to be thrown out or taken to charity.

Invest in some handy storage organizers, from clever hangers that allow for more than one item to be hung, to storage boxes and shelf dividers. Think about how you approach hanging clothes in your wardrobe and get into habits that you can practice going forward. 

One method the organizers swear by is the closet decluttering hack that you can do without spending a dime. Start by putting all your hanger hooks facing in the wrong direction and only when you wear the item can you put it back with the hook the correct way. You can then quickly see exactly what clothes haven’t been worn.

Think about categories and separate those items according to the seasons. If you aren't going to be using certain items for months at a time, put them in the loft to grant yourself that extra precious space. 

Lastly, be ruthless in your approach to throwing clothing. Ask yourself if you feel good wearing it, does it truthfully fit? and is it needed? If the answers are mostly nos, it's time to let it go.

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