9 small things you can buy that will make your home look more expensive – and they're all under $30!

Give your home a refresh with these 9 bargain items our shopping editor has got her eye on

A selection of items to make a room feel more luxurious
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Giving your interiors an elevated and luxurious look isn't always about splashing out excessively on those big-ticket items. We're firm fans of the power of decor here at Livingetc, and in fact, it's those smaller, decorative pieces that can go far to help a home feel luxuriously curated. 

The key is all about getting the balance right, picking the textures and colors that complement your color scheme and interior style. Our shopping editor has picked out 12 bargain buys from the best home decor websites to decorate a home to perfection for that high-end look - and they're all under £30!

12 bargain decor buys to make your home look expensive

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How can I style a room to make it look more expensive?

Wondering how to make a living room look more expensive? It is all about balancing the elements. Instead of spending your money, it's about making sure you strike the perfect combination of different textures, natural materials and colors to make sure nothing feels out of place or cluttered. 

'I would say to view the space as you would a symphony or an orchestra- multiple components coming together to form a synchronized whole,' says Amanda Gunawan, the founding partner of boutique LA-based architecture and design firm OWIU.

'Nothing should feel separate, out of place, or particularly conspicuous. All the elements should be interconnected in some ways, feeding off of each other’s synergies.'

'Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean well-made and vice versa. In this era of mass production, there are so many options for the same piece. It's the details that people tend to overlook that matter and makes the largest difference.'

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