Side tables for every occasion

Stylish ways to enjoy a little bit on the side

The social season may be at a lull right now, but the festive period is a great time to work out if your home functions as well when it comes to entertaining, as it does for relaxing. Were there enough surfaces for drinks and nibbles? Could your guests mingle or sit comfortably and place their plates and glasses down easily, or were they nipping into the kitchen for top ups each time?

Step forward, the Occasional Table. This nifty number can be brought out when you have a crowd, or sit neatly in a corner as a base for a reading lamp, book or tablet, during the quieter times when you want to kick back and relax.

There’s a wide choice in styles, shapes and materials too, with some side tables even doubling up as seats, foot stools or sculptures, such as the elegant piece from Julian Chichester or the classic Stool C by Charles and Ray Eames, designed in the 1960s, as part of a series of lobby seats for a much larger project commissioned by Time Inc at New York’s Rockefeller Centre.

Whether your budget is high end or high street, you can choose from turned and sculpted timber, marble and brass finishes or classic designs from famous names.

They’re not just for the living area either. If storage isn’t an issue and you prefer a lighter look without the need for drawer space, many of the current crop of occasional tables are just the right height to serve instead of a bedside cabinet, bringing a stylish alternative to the sleeping quarters. This also offers the option to move the side tables from room to room, whenever you fancy shaking things up and moving the furniture around.

Invest now and you’ll be ready when the next round of parties and gatherings begin.

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