Portable Outdoor Showers Are a Brilliant Way to Bring Convenience to Your Yard — And I've Found the Best-Looking Ones

From resort dreams to backyard reality, these portable outdoor showers bring the vacation vibe to you. So easy to set up, even I could do it — and that's saying something. Make it rain!

best portable outdoor showers
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When it comes to creating a resort-like ambiance outdoors, attention to detail is key: the plushness of a lounge pillow, the strategic placement of an umbrella, the convenience of a nearby side table for holding a book and beverage. Among these seemingly minor yet crucial resort amenities is a portable outdoor shower.

While it might seem extravagant, akin to the bowling alleys and movie theaters inside those mega mansions on TikTok, once you experience the convenience of rinsing off after a day of swimming without needing to trek indoors, there’s no going back on your opinion of them as the MVPs of outdoor furniture. 

Outdoor showers are particularly beneficial if you own a pool, as they allow you to rinse off before and after swimming, notes Rafi Friedman, President of Coastal Luxury Outdoors. ‘When it’s warm outside after outdoor activities, it’s nice to not have to go inside in your sweaty sports clothes,’ adds Evelina Juzėnaitė, principal designer at Planner 5D. Outdoor showers enable you to wash away grime and sunscreen residue from your skin, thereby keeping the pool cleaner and protecting your skin and hair from chlorine damage.

‘If you live near the sea or have a swimming pool, an outdoor shower will help to keep sand and dirt outside,’ Evelina explains — both for you and your pets. ‘In the hot summer, an outdoor shower can help you and your furry friends cool down,’ she continues. ‘Washing your pets outside lets you keep your indoor shower free (for the most part) of their hair and dirty paws,’ the designer quips. 

I'll be frank: portable outdoor showers come in a wide range, from the dingy camptime, 'wait, that's a shower?’ to showroom status, with most skewing toward the former. So, anyone in the market has their work cut out for them. Luckily, finding the gems is what I do for a living, so I've taken it upon myself to uncover the options that aren't going to ruin your outdoor space's good looks. Sourced from the best outdoor furniture brands, it's time to bid farewell to sunscreen-filmed pools and chlorine footprints inside the house once and for all. Meet your new poolside obsession.

Portable Outdoor Showers

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Where should I place a portable outdoor shower?

When considering the placement of a portable outdoor shower, ‘The three big factors to consider here are privacy, convenience, and drainage,’ explains Rafi Friedman, President of Coastal Luxury Outdoors. Regarding privacy, it's advisable not to position the shower too close to your outdoor living space, to avoid guests being in plain view. Ideally, place the shower close to the pool for convenience but far enough away to ensure the user feels comfortable.

Given that we're dealing with portable showers here and you're unlikely to install a dedicated outdoor drain, Rafi emphasizes the importance of situating it on a slope with adequate drainage leading away. This prevents the formation of unwanted rivers or muddy patches.

What are the dos and don'ts of a portable outdoor shower?

As for the dos and don'ts, according to Evelina Juzėnaitė, ‘Do: Choose materials that can withstand outdoor conditions for several seasons, not just a few months out of the year.’ Additionally, reiterating the above response, consider drainage and flooring to ensure the floor is non-slip and comfortable. ‘Place the shower where you will feel confidential, cozy, and safe,’ Evelina advises.

On the other hand, ‘Don't forget about the maintenance of the shower; it will need to be looked after and cared for,’ cautions the designer. And for my personal favorite, ‘Don't overlook the aesthetics of the shower’ (as if I could). ‘It's best not just to make it but to complement the place where it will be installed — the wall of the house, the pool, and the landscape,’ Evelina suggests.

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