This Outdoor Daybed is Going Viral — It's Probably the Most Comfortable-Looking Yard Furniture I've Seen This Year

Thanks to Instagram, I've stumbled upon what could be my new favorite way to lounge this summer... and you're going to be shocked at the price tag (in a good way)

walmart daybed outdoor lounger on a colorful background
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In my mind, the most luxurious thing one can do is nothing, particularly on a sunny day. A dream afternoon for me is not floating in a luxurious hot air balloon or eating lunch in a Michelin-star restaurant, but lounging next to a pool or body of water with a cocktail in my hand and absolutely nothing on my mind. Indeed, in this fantasy, my only concern is the UV level and the only item on my to-do list is 'tan.'

Of course, I'm not lounging on a towel on the grass in this vision. No, in this pipe dream, I'm sprawled across a chaise lounge or daybed from one of the best home decor brands, relishing in the quality and luxury of a fine piece of furniture.

All this to say, this perfect afternoon could very well involve the dreamy find I just tracked down from Walmart thanks to interior design content creator Hillary and a recent Instagram reel.

In the video (which now has upwards of 45,000 likes) Hillary, who is also a Walmart partner, quickly unboxes a stunning wicker daybed that is equal parts stylish and functional. Set-up looks to be a breeze; as simple as piecing the bases together and stacking the cushions on top.

The final product looks both chic and versatile, plus it's the perfect size for two people (if you need extra seating outside). And you don't have to worry about the elements thanks to its steel frame, stain-resistant fabric, and rust-resistant powder coating. Although, none of that is even the best part. Because that would be the price tag. Unbelievably, this well-reviewed piece is under $500 and available now.

If you do, however, think you might be able to beat that, I invite you to check out a few other outdoor chair and daybed options I've rounded-up below.

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