9 Outdoor Kitchen Accessories Experts Say You Should Invest in for the Very Best Cookouts This Year

Make grilling, socializing, and lounging fun, and convenient with these outdoor kitchen accessories

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A grill and a few seaters usually qualify as the essentials for the outdoor kitchen but many other ingredients go into making this space functional and effective. Outdoor kitchen accessories — from must-have basics to creature comforts — make cooking and entertaining much easier. Think: a mini fridge that keeps all your beers chilled; a kitchen cart so your bar can be mobile; a trash can so your backyard is always clean; stools so you're always comfortable. The list can go on, depending on the size of your backyard and how well you want it to be equipped.

A good way to decide how many accessories you need is by assessing the frequency of use of the outdoor kitchen. If this is the secondary socializing spot in your home (whether it's for a few months, or all year round), consider equipping it with items that will make working and lounging here a breeze. Chart a realistic budget, and calculate how much each item will cost, and how long it will last. You want this space to be so well fit out, that you do not need to keep darting in and out of your indoors to bring things that are missing outside.

'By incorporating accessories, you can create a fully equipped and stylish outdoor kitchen and dining space that's perfect for entertaining and enjoying outdoor living,' says interior designer Kerrie Kelly.

If you're in the mood to enhance your outdoors, refer to this curated selection I've made. I spoke to experts and browsed the internet for the best products and deals on outdoor kitchen accessories. Take a look and start shopping.

What Outdoor Kitchen Accessories do I need?

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What are some must-have outdoor kitchen accessories?

If you want to comfortably dine al-fresco, it's important to have a well-equipped outdoor kitchen. While an outdoor grill or an oven is essential to this space, it's also great to have some accessories that aid in easy cooking. Consider a compact refrigerator to store drinks and meats. Plus, you won't have to keep running inside to get ice for your cocktails. For your grill, have a ready caddy that contains a skillet, brushes, pans, meat knives, and more. Ice makers and wine coolers can be great, fancy additions. Don't forget a tall trash can that can save your space from critters and odors.

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