This surprisingly stylish outdoor shower is now 77% off in the Fourth of July sales, and it can can connect to your hose

Designed by interior designers, it's a great way to add this new outdoor essential to your backyard, without sacrificing style and on a budget

an outdoor shower in a Mediterranean garden
(Image credit: The Novogratz)

There's nothing quite like a refreshing shower to cool off when spending time outside in the hot summer months, but if, like me, you didn't consider adding an outdoor shower to your landscaping plans, you might feel like you're missing out right now. 

Whether it wasn't on your agenda because of budget restrictions, it's not hot enough all year round where you live to justify, or you just didn't realize an outdoor shower was something you really wanted, we might have just found the solution for adding one into your backyard after the fact that you can also store away during the cooler months. 

It's a design that you can hook up to your garden hose, making it easy to use and versatile. And the best thing about it? It's designed by interior designers, so it looks good in our backyard too. Here's where you can find it at the best price. 

Why do I need an outdoor shower?

Okay, you probably don't need one, but an outdoor shower is a great addition to make a backyard more useable in the summer, and many people are factoring them into the landscaping plans in recent years. 

'From a practical POV, it’s great to have a place to rinse off the chlorine after a pool swim, or sand, after the beach,' says Robert Novogratz, one half of interior design duo the Novogratz who designed the Rainey outdoor shower. 'It’s also a lot of fun to use and have.'

So, what's so special about this design? 'The best part of this shower is that it is portable and can go anywhere you have a hose,' Robert tells me. 'It’s endlessly flexible.'

an outdoor shower turned on

(Image credit: The Novogratz)

'If you don’t think you have the space for an outdoor shower, this one will make you rethink that,' he adds. 'It goes anywhere you have a water source. Great for a quick rinse after a hot summer day, or working in the garden.'

It's designed to be freestanding, with anti-slip composite wood planks used for the base of the shower. It includes a hose adapter, ensuring you can hook it up to your outdoor taps, but it also has an on/off valve to operate it directly from the shower itself. Best of all, its two-foot bar means you get a good amount of water spray, making it a joy to use. 

The Rainey outdoor shower comes in two colors, yellow and white. 

Where's the best price? 

Currently, you can pick up the Novogratz Rainey outdoor shower for $174.74 on Wayfair, almost half price compared to retailers like Target and Home Depot right now. This is because this product is a 'closeout' on Wayfair, meaning this product is likely to be discontinued on this site specifically.

The second best price we found was on Amazon, while you can also pick up this shower from The Novogratz website directly, too, for less than some other retailers as the site is running a promotion. 

Rainey outdoor shower, now $173.24, Wayfair
Best price

Rainey outdoor shower, now $173.24, Wayfair

Was: $739.99

That's a pretty incredible 77% off. It's currently on close out, so...race you!

However, keep an eye on the prices at the stores below, too. Our price tracker will help you see if any retailers are currently running deals on the Novogratz outdoor shower, so you can find the best price, even if the Wayfair deal comes to an end. 

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