These Viral $40 Lights Make Your Home Easier to Live In — And They're Pretty Chic, Too

These Scandi-inspired wall sconces are the lighting solution you didn't know you needed. I'm so taken by them!

minimalist wall sconces
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I'm pretty open to home automation —  but my wallet? Not so much. More often than not, the smart home products that make the biggest difference in my day-to-day life are just a bit out of my price range, which means that my apartment, for the most part, is automation-less.

The other problem is that most home tech solutions are not exactly interior design-forward, meaning they might clash or stick out when mixed into my current space. And if I'm spending money on pieces from some of the best home decor brands, I want my new smart curtains, for example, to blend in with and complement my boucle couch. It's a whole thing.

That's why I'm constantly on the lookout for affordable and at least decently stylish automation products that make my home a bit more tech-savvy without compromising my taste, design prowess, or hard-earned cash. And nowhere are these kinds of buys more prevalent than Amazon, where "I didn't know I needed this" purchases reign supreme. 

I recently discovered yet another Amazon home hack I was quite taken by. By all accounts — price, aesthetic, etc. — it looked quite nice. So I had to bring it here to share with you today.

I never really thought I'd have a need for motion sensor lights... but I'm starting to wish I had some sort of self-directed product to illuminate dark corners in my kitchen and apartment as I need, without my having to turn it on or off. I honestly think these sconces, which I found in the above Instagram reel, would be perfect for that, while adding a chic, minimalist, and (dare I say) somewhat Scandi vibe to your space.

You could stick them in your laundry room, in a dark hallway, or even in your hall closet, where that one shoe just loves to play hide-and-seek. They would also be great next to your stairs, so that no one turns on one of the dreaded "big lights" just to make it safely up or down. There is no need for hard wiring or drilling, since they're secured with a glue pad, and the light itself sticks to its base magnetically, meaning you could remove the sconce itself and use it as a flashlight.

What's more, the battery is fully rechargeable and can last 8 hours if constantly lit and 3-5 months if left on motion sensor mode. At just $39 for two, I think this might be one of the best and easiest automated lighting deals I've seen in a while, if not of all time. Just a really, really great and accessible solution for all.

If these sconces weren't necessarily the ones for you — don't sweat it. I think at least one of the other cordless or plug-in options I've outlined below should ultimately satisfy, even if they're without the motion-sensing option.

9 cordless/plug-in wall sconces

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