Want to get monochrome right?

Paint Library’s sophisticated new collection, ‘Monochrome’, presents six nuanced pairs of black and white shades, tonally formulated to be used together in harmony.

So you can forget the harshness that can sometimes occur when using black and white together, as this paint palette makes it easy to achieve an elegant outcome.

Minim is clean without being too bright, and is very stable in north and south facing rooms. Kohl is a charismatic neutral black with a suggestion of warm charcoal. Kohl, Minim and Opus, Paint & Paper Library.

Each white tone has been selected for its versatility: all six whites can be used as striking, independent, all-over shades, but appear equally effectively as beautiful, plain whites within a scheme of tonal similarity.

The palest white and darkest black, each can be used to bring more depth to a classic, cool grey interior – Clean White and New Black, Paint & Paper Library.

Each black tone has been designed to be used with its monochromatic partner, in lesser or greater proportion, to change the interplay of light and space in a room, while at the same time coordinating with existing materials and surfaces in the interior scheme.

New Black and Clean White, Paint & Paper Library.

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Each white and black pair adopts the hue of the Paint & Paper Library ‘Original’ colour shown alongside it, so that each of the six options have varying undertones, including ochre, pink, warm grey, cool grey, blue and green.

Pontefract and Eau de Violette, Paint & Paper Library.

Marketing Director, Ruth Mottershead, explains the thinking behind the new collection. “Many of the world’s most elegant interiors, old and new, have used black and white colour schemes to achieve maximal impact with minimum effort.

In truth, it’s a disarmingly simple principle, and the considered, subtle combinations in the ‘Monochrome’ colourcard avoid any unpleasant, harsh contrasts of pure jet black and bright, brilliant white.”

The blueness of these shades is more evident when used in a bigger, brighter expanse – Beyond Blue, Flat Light and Blue Vein, Paint & Paper Library.

The collection launches this month and will be available via Paint & Paper Library’s stockists and at

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