These Hanging, No-Wire Sconces Look So Bespoke — You Won't Believe You Can Install Them Without an Electrician

Your friends and family will think these pieces are custom-made when they see them (but only you and I have to know where you actually bought them ...)

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Believe it or not, I was actually a film major in college. And while you might think this disqualifies me from making interior design judgments, I quite disagree. Take a film's set, for example — what is location scouting or set design other than renting an apartment or decorating a home? What is cinematography other than an artistic vision? And in what other industry is lighting as unbelievably important?

To me, that last point is really the biggest. In film, lighting a single scene can take upwards of an hour. There is so much to convey — mood, time of day, energy — and so much to contend with — windows, camera lenses, hair color — that you have to slow down and get it right. Otherwise, your shot is, well, shot.

It's the same with the home; you have to get your lighting right. What kind of mood are you trying to curate? What are you saying with your space? What is the energy of the room? You can, of course, answer these questions with furniture and accents from some of the best home decor brands, but whether you realize it or not, you're answering it with lighting, too.

That said, bespoke lighting can cost a pretty penny. We can't all drop thousands to hire an electrician to hardwire a gorgeous new statement chandelier in our living room or cutie little sconces next to our bed. But what we can all do is shop on Amazon and read Livingetc, two habits that I promise will pay off tenfold when it comes to customizing your home. And I'm about to prove it to you.

I am no stranger to writing about rechargeable wall sconces — from where I stand, they are the perfect bespoke lighting solution for ever-evolving homes. You can install them yourself, they are relatively affordable, and you can use them from room to room. Of course, then, I jumped at the chance to spotlight the unbelievably modern set featured in this reel from content creators Alexa Mason and Elizabeth Novoa.

Available at Amazon for $100 (truly a fraction of what an electrician would cost), this set of 2 wall sconces boasts a contemporary paper clip-like design that makes installation a breeze. They add the 'softest glow' to your space, say Alexa and Elizabeth, who suggest using the included hanging rods only if you have the appropriate stud support; otherwise, you can do what they did and just drill a hook into the wall.

I think these sconces add such a fabulous look to this little nook — and are a great way to get your at-home lighting just right! Imagine how they'd look on either side of your bed or next to the mantle/fireplace. The possibilities are endless!

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If you're in the market for some additional lighting, or just didn't love the 'hanging' look of the option above, take a peek at a few of the below and see if they tickle your fancy, instead.

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