Beautiful tiles made from recycled materials

Handmade tiles that are stylish and sustainable.

Starting as a university research project in 2015, ‘Sequel’ is a stylish tile collection by Alusid made from 98% recycled materials.

Popular among designers and architects, Alusid is a forward-thinking surface-material maker, which has established a reputation as a leader in sustainable architectural surfaces, diverting waste from landfill and using it to create beautiful tiles and ceramic products.

Following the invention of their clever and low-impact material, the team has moved beyond commissioned products to launch its first tile range, which is now available to buy through architectural tile specialist, Parkside.

Sequel Metro tile in Paddington Pink, Alusid.

Sequel tiles are made at the brand’s manufacturing base in Preston from materials including shards of glass from kerbside collections, broken sanitary ware, and glaze waste from ceramic manufacture.

These industrial leftovers are mixed with crushed soda-lime glass, water and any colour required, packed by hand into hand-made wooden moulds, glazed using in-house glazes hand-blended by Alusid’s co-founder, Professor David Binns, and then fired in a furnace at a lower temperature than conventional ceramics require.

Sequel square tile in Shoreditch Blue, Alusid.

When the mixture cools, it hardens into a hard composite material that can be cut, ground, polished and glazed just like granite. Colours can be added, textures adjusted and finishes applied, which offers a huge variety of aesthetic possibilities.

Sequel large metro tile in Greenwich Green, Alusid.

The unique combination of ingredients in each tile, coupled with the attention of  Alusid’s team of trained craftspeople and ceramicists, ensures that each tile maintains a distinct, hand-crafted quality and the characterful differences of natural stone, with no two ever appearing quite the same.

Sequel metro tile in Greenwich Gren, Alusid.

The Sequel range is available in three colours – Greenwich Green, Shoreditch Blue and Paddington Pink – and three tile sizes – square (100x100mm), metro (100x200mm) and large metro (300x75mm), making them a great choice for eco-conscious designers looking to bring character to their schemes.

Order through your architect or interior designer from Parkside. 

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