Emma Chamberlain's favorite lamp is a "highly giftable" idea for your Christmas list - I found one similar for under $50

Emma Chamberlain recommended a fabulous home decor gift as her favorite present of the year

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If you're an interiors aficionado, you'll know Emma Chamberlain. A YouTuber turned lifestyle influencer turned design icon turned podcaster (say that five times fast), there are no corners of the lifestyle, entertainment, and fashion worlds she hasn't touched. 

However, thanks to a recent tour of her modern home (that's just a few clicks away on YouTube if you haven't watched it before), we also know that she's got incredible interior design taste. 

As I was hunting the internet for deals today, I stumbled upon a recent interview with Emma, in which she speaks to Google about her holiday gift pick of the year. And seeing as Emma is a woman of many talents, design among them, I was naturally curious as to what she might select. And not only did her choice delight a design lover like myself, but it might be the perfect idea for you to copy this year.

Emma Chamberlain's 2023 Christmas gift pick

For her favorite 2023 Christmas gift, her "1 in 100" as Google would call it, Emma selected a portable mid-century modern lamp. While she might not have let us know exactly how to find this table lamp - the interior experts at Livingetc are here to help. 

'It's the Flowerpot table lamp by &Tradition,' explains Livingetc.com's editor Hugh Metcalf. 'It's an iconic design that has often been replicated and riffed off over the years, but the original was designed in the late 1960s by legendary Danish designer Verner Panton - you'll recognize some of the designers other works as equally iconic, his namesake Panton chair among the very best.' 

'I spend a lot of time at home, and special pieces around the house bring me a lot of joy on a daily basis,' Emma said when asked why she selected this as her gift pick. 'This lamp is bright and fun while still being very chic, and every time I see it in my house it sparks joy.'

It's also 'highly giftable,' Emma added, because 'you can personalize the gift based on what colors your loved one enjoys, and it’s small enough to fit in almost any space.' As for recipients, she plans to give the gift to her 'closest friends who all love decorating their homes, and I am sure they would be so excited to add this to an empty spot on their bookshelf or coffee table.'

Emma's sage advice in mind, I then went off and did what I did best: trawled the internet for a few pieces and deals to help you easily replicate her fabulous idea. While it's a classic design, they're are plenty of lamps that have been inspired by the Flowerpot over the years, and you can tailor the lamp itself to your budget and to the individual style and needs of your intended recipient.  A win-win!  I found one extremely similar to the one on her Instagram — and it's only $50 on Amazon.

6 small mid-century modern lamps to gift this holiday season

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