'They Add Vibrance to Dinner Parties!' This Event Planner Backs Colorful Wine Glasses — a Huge Trend for 2024

Editors and designers alike are loving this cheerful decor trend to get in the mood for spring. Shop the 15 best serotonin-boosting wine glasses for an instant pick-me-up this season

Colorful wine glasses.
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Spring is just around the corner, and we're already daydreaming about warmer days and bursts of vibrant colors. Sure, the shift towards lighter tones and lively hues isn't exactly revolutionary, but there's a sparkling new trend in the world of stemware that's got us buzzing.

Say hello to colored wine glasses, the latest and greatest interior design trend of the season. According to New York-based event planner Cameron Forbes, Founder of Forbes Functions, 'Using colorful glassware is a super simple way to add vibrance to dinner parties, exposed shelves, and everyday life. Whether you have them out on your dining table or sitting on a bar cart, colorful glasses help any event feel more fun and festive.'

These tinted wine glasses flip the script on traditional stemware, creating a tablescape that's always ready to party. And before you dismiss them as overly loud or tacky, think again. From timeless options by beloved brands like Estelle Colored Glass to modern marvels like Completed works, our curated list below offers something chic for every taste. So, keep scrolling for a cheerful pick-me-up that’s more affordable than therapy.

How should I style colorful wine glasses?

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Styling colored wine glasses might initially feel like a balancing act. After all, you wouldn't want them to clash with the rest of your table setting or decor. However, once you give them a try, you'll discover that these vibrant hues seamlessly integrate, breathing fresh life into your space and offering a unique twist to items you already own.

According to Laura Cassell Fischer, Vice President of Merchandise and Product Development at over&back, 'Adding color to your table is the simplest way to make your dinnerware feel new and different.' She notes that it's 'a relatively inexpensive way to create a new look.' Fischer suggests, 'You can always grab a glass or two and use them as bud vases at your table or around the house, which adds yet another reason to love colored glasses!'

Colored wine glasses also serve as captivating focal points, lending a 'pop of color to a more classic, minimalist tablescape,' according to Forbes. 'They can also be paired with other vivid decor pieces for a more maximalist, eclectic look,' she adds.

Embrace the opportunity to experiment with color and try something different. As Fischer puts it, 'colored glass will have a seat at the table for many seasons to come.' So, here's to adding a vibrant touch to your next gathering  — cheers!

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