Are You a Cold Sleeper? These Expert-Backed Ideas Will Help You Stop Shivering and Start Snoozing So Much Better

Life's too short to sleep poorly. Our new buying guide for cold sleepers has everything you need to warm up and doze off, plus expert advice for catching zzz's

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It's time for cold sleepers to get the attention they deserve. More often than not, we're so focused on hot sleepers and how to abate their pesky night sweats that we forget about those who shiver instead of snooze. Well, not on my watch!

In the ever-present interest of sharing quality bedroom ideas with our loyal Livingetc audience, I'm here today to share the definitive buying guide for cold sleepers. We're talking everything from pillows to bedding to bedroom accessories and mattresses, my selection of which was informed by a two-person panel of sleep experts.

Overall, sleep expert Carlie Gasia, a certified sleep science coach at Sleepopolis, recommends cold sleepers invest in 'several options for warmth throughout the night,' she tells me. 'This provides a variety of choices to keep yourself warm as you sleep. Some nights you may need a heated blanket and others you may not need something as warm. Giving yourself options helps with a more customizable and comfortable sleeping experience.'

With Carlie's suggestions in mind (as well as some salient advice from Julia Siemen, an expert at Sleep Advisor), I've crafted below a 4-category collection for all my chilly nappers and frigid dreamers out there. Gone are the nights full of goosebumps and shivers; in their place, a quality, comfortable 8 hours.

Best bedding for cold sleepers

When selecting sheets, cold sleepers should look for 'less breathable fabrics like flannel or fleece,' Julia says. 'These sheets help cold sleepers trap heat and stay warm throughout the night.'

Best duvet covers/comforters for cold sleepers

Best Mattresses for Cold Sleepers

'If you are looking for a mattress that will keep you warmer, memory foam is typically a good option,' Julia tells me. 'Memory foam is more likely to retain heat than other materials which makes them a good choice for cold sleepers.'

Best Mattress Heating Pads for Cold Sleepers

While a mattress itself can help with staying warm throughout the night, Carlie says a mattress heating pad might be a better option. 'This a helpful way to stay warm when you need it but you also do not have to use the heating function at all times.'

Best Accessories for Cold Sleepers

As for bedroom accessories for cold sleepers, 'I would recommend a heated blanket or a microfiber throw blanket,' Carlie tells me. 'A heated blanket is a great way to warm up quickly and stay warm throughout the night. If you only want a little extra warmth, use a microfiber throw blanket instead. This will add some warmth to your bed but will keep it lightweight and comfortable for a good night’s sleep.'

Similarly, 'weighted blankets can also be cozy and warm for cold sleepers,' Julia continues. 'Just be careful not to purchase a weighted blanket that is too heavy for your body weight.'

What is your #1 tip for cold sleepers?

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Listen — I know there's a lot of competing advice out there. But if Julia could offer one piece of advice to all the cold sleepers, she suggests they 'layer their beds,' she told me. 'This gives them the option to remove and keep on layers when needed.'

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