Boho-Style Rugs are the Perfect Blend of Old and New, According to Designers — Here's 12 Styles to Shop

From patinated tapestries to handwoven jute, a boho-style rug 'invites both warmth and a historic layer into any space'

boho-style rugs
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Psychedelic colors, natural motifs, and shaggy textures are what we often imagine when thinking of boho-style rugs — clichés that are both spot on and completely off. To be boho is to be artistic and unusual, which can really mean anything. But you know it when you see it — it's more of a vibe, really. A boho-style rug feels handmade, global, and storied. It doesn't necessarily need to be paired with crystals, sound baths, or Coachella outfits circa 2012 (though I'm all for that too).

‘Layering bohemian or global rugs into interiors adds a timeless and eclectic style that invites both warmth and a historic layer into any space,’ says interior designer Christiane Lemieux. ‘These rugs, often rich in colors and intricate patterns, serve as storytelling pieces that weave cultural histories and artisanal craftsmanship into the fabric of modern homes’. Think luxury yurts in Joshua Tree or the interior of Hotel Chelsea.

I have spent hours tracking down the best boho-style rugs. My qualifications? A) I shop for a living. B) I scoured dozens of the best stores to buy rugs, both online and in New York City. C) I’m an Aquarius with a natural eye for the unconventional. D) I have frustratingly expensive taste (Taurus rising, of course). And E) I grew up in LA, so if that doesn’t scream boho, I don’t know what does.

From patinated tapestries to handwoven jute, boho-style rugs ‘create a visually dynamic setting that enhances the depth and character of a room,' continues Christiane. Not only do they define a space but they’re a fun blend of traditional style and contemporary sensibilities — all while adding a healthy dose of personality, she adds.

So sit back, center yourself, and let your creativity flow. I've uncovered 12 boho-style rugs that will inspire, relax, and elevate your space — no sage necessary.

ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home

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Boho-Style Rugs

How should I style boho rugs?

Often earthy and inspired by nature, I love to pair boho-style rugs with newer, sleeker furniture for subtle juxtaposition. But for added insight, interior designer Nina Lichtenstein offers a few more tips to help you make the most of your boho rug.

First, mix patterns with care. ‘When combining a boho rug with other patterned items, ensure there is a common color thread to create harmony,’ says Nina. This helps to tie everything together. But keeping with the boho rug's eclectic spirit, don't be afraid to layer rugs with, well, more rugs! ‘Layering a boho rug over a larger, neutral rug can add depth and texture without overwhelming the space,’ Nina explains.

A little woven accent here and there never hurt anybody, but ‘don’t overload on boho,’ cautions Nina. ‘Balance the boho elements with modern or minimalist pieces to avoid a space that feels too eclectic or disorganized.’ Since boho living rooms often include several bold colors, incorporating neutral furniture or decor can help ground the palette of a boho rug, creating a more balanced look.

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