12 Best Silk Pillowcases, According to a Style Editor — 'They're My Secret to Beauty Sleep!'

Silk pillowcases aren't only luxurious bedroom additions — they're also a best-kept beauty secret. See why everyone's making the switch

best silk pillowcases
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Sleep is such a restorative process — we spend around one third of our lives in slumber, and during that time, all sorts of magic happens. While I won't bore you with the science, I think we can all agree on one, perhaps the more superficial benefit of a good night’s rest: we ultimately look better (Sleeping Beauty was onto something).

But here's the catch: even the sweetest dreams can turn sour if your best bedding set isn't up to par. Too coarse (which it often is), and your hair and skin might suffer the consequences. The solution? A silk pillowcase.

You’ve probably seen them on TikTok, Instagram, in your favorite store, or recommended on a health and wellness podcast. While they are slightly pricier than traditional pillowcase varieties, I assure you they’re not a gimmick — silk bedding really is worth the splurge. Apart from its beauty, 'silk is smoother than most materials,’ says Wendy Zhang, brand lead at LILYSILK, so ‘sleeping on silk pillowcases can lessen the friction against your skin, helps reduce skin irritation, and prevent creasing or wrinkles during sleep.' 'It also reduces friction on your hair, which helps to avoid tangles and breakage,’ she adds.

Silk pillowcase

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According to the silk expert, ‘swapping your pillowcase for a silk one is the easiest way to take care of your skin & hair’ — and I would agree. Personally, I swear by silk pillowcases. I must own about six of them. The difference is noticeable if I forget to pack them when traveling (yes, I actually do that). My skin breaks out, and my hair looks... well, for lack of a better word — dented. You know what I’m talking about. Wendy confirmed that waking up with less-than-lackluster hair was not, in fact, a figment of my imagination. The best silk bedding allows hair to ‘slide easily over the pillowcase, reducing tugging, breakage, split ends, and frizz,’ she explains.

Silk is also ‘naturally hypoallergenic, resisting dust mites, mold, and other allergens, which is especially good for people with sensitive skin or allergies.’ Plus, it helps regulate temperature, keeping you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold — a win-win for your health and your appearance.

There are a fair bit of options out there, but as a self-proclaimed silk pillowcase connoisseur and someone who shops for a living, I’ve decided to curate the creme de la creme. You might not have scored an invite to the Met Ball, but with these silk picks, you'll wake up feeling like a sleeping beauty anyway. See how a touch of lustrous luxury can transform your sleep, your skin, and the overall look of your bed. Continue below. 

Best Silk Pillowcases

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How should I care for my silk pillowcases?

According to Wendy, professional dry cleaning would be ideal, but ‘you can also wash by hand or machine in lukewarm water (30°C/86°F) on the gentlest cycle available.’  From personal experience, I’ve been washing silk pillowcases on a gentle cycle for almost a decade without any issues. Just be sure not to use bleach and avoid tumble drying, adds Wendy.

Regarding frequency, ‘Pillowcases directly contact your skin and hair every night, so it is important to wash them regularly,’ explains the LILYSILK brand lead. ‘It is suggested to wash silk pillowcases once a week or every ten days. However, it depends on personal preferences; if you sweat heavily or have allergies, it's better to wash them more frequently,’ she adds.

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