On the side: 7 of the most stylish bedside tables

Designs with storage for pillow-side practicality.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a bedside table will enhance your life. Having somewhere within easy reach to place a current favourite read, a glass of water, morning cuppa, or any other paraphernalia is a minor convenience that we may take for granted. Yet it’s those little things – that when we get them right – make all the difference to the day – or even our ability to wind down at night. (Assuming you’re not Tracey Emin).

With many of us opting for king-size beds, four posters – or even larger models – there isn’t always a lot of space left for a bedside table either side of the bed, so when choosing them it’s important to consider whether there will be enough clearance for divan drawers or wardrobe doors nearby. If space is at a premium could you install wall lights for reading, rather than take up the surface area with a table lamp?

See our edit of fourposter beds.

Do you want a cupboard and drawers where you can put everything neatly away, or are you happy with an open shelf or two?

Height is another factor to take into account. Is your bed on a raised base or do you have a low profile or platform bed? Either way, you’ll likely want your bedside table at a similar height, so that it not only looks cohesive but that it’s comfortable too.

Once the practicalities and ergonomics have been considered, it’s on to the fun stuff. What style are you going for?

Our edit covers a number of different looks from understated luxe with the Harlosh at Pinch and the Amphora at Maxalto to a touch of glamour from the Serra at Soho Home.

There’s simple Scandi style from Ikea (of course) and utilitarian chic from Danish design dudes, Hay. The flavour at Ercol is distinctly mid-century, while Loaf’s Mini Marmo offers a comforting modern rustic vibe, so read on to find something to suit your sleeping quarters.

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