Ayesha Curry Used This 'Grounding' Accent to Cozy-Up Her Kitchen — And It's a Look You Can Easily Replicate

Ayesha Curry's Instagram is a trove of design and home decor inspiration if you know where to look. And luckily for you, I do.

Ayesha Curry at an event.
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If you're anything like me, you've been turning to Ayesha Curry — actress, influencer, and television host — for design and fashion inspiration for years. I first discovered her by way of her husband, NBA player Steph Curry, but she's long been in a lane of her own.

Perhaps you're a casual Instagram fan. Maybe you watch her cooking show, Ayesha's Homemade, on Food Network. Or maybe you're an avid consumer of her skincare line, Sweet July. Whichever it is, there is no doubting her influence and excellent taste in everything from fashion to makeup to interiors. I, for one, am always combing the best home decor brands for new pieces I can use to replicate her look.

To that last point, Ayesha recently shared a photo on her Instagram that, to me, highlighted one of my favorite pieces of advice in home design.

ayesha curry holding a smoothie in her kitchen.

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Though the photo itself is quite casual — probably one Ayesha snapped not thinking some style editor would write an article around it — I do think it illustrates the importance and versatility of a rug, particularly in your kitchen. Automatically, it cozies up the space around her counters and provides a soft layer underfoot.

'Rugs have a huge role in completing a room, anchoring furniture and adding warmth and depth,' says Rosa Glenn, Chief Merchant at Ernesta Rugs. 'They can make a statement through color, texture, style, and precise sizing, ultimately grounding the space and defining its aesthetic.'

Now, the best part of Ayesha's set-up? You can easily replicate it on your own; you just need to find the right runner. 'Try to experiment with different styles and textures using samples, discovering unexpected favorites and creating a cohesive space that goes beyond mere color matching,' Rosa says of buying a new rug.

So her advice in mind, try perusing my quick edit of fashionable runners below. It's time to transform your kitchen!

9 rugs to cozy up your kitchen

How can you tell if a rug is good quality?

When buying online, it can be understandably difficult to sus out quality. Thankfully, Rosa has some tips. 'The most basic rule of thumb is the more natural the material, the higher the quality. Wool is the gold standard,' she tells me.

You should also 'look for words like hand-loomed, hand-woven, hand-tufted. Those are really good indicators that the rug has been put together with a lot of integrity,' she continues. Plus, if you can, 'it’s always great to get a sample of the rug so you can touch and feel it for yourself.'

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