This Viral Organizer is Perfect for Extra Food Storage in your Kitchen if You're Short on Cabinet Space

If you're faced with a small kitchen and overflowing cabinets, this nifty organizer should go straight on your wishlist

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If there's one space in the home where storage is most important, it's the kitchen. This functional area is home to all your kitchenware as well as your food, and with a whole host of appliances thrown in the mix, it means finding space for everything can be difficult.

We all dream of a huge walk-in pantry brimming with all the ingredients you could ever need, but that's not the reality for most of us. If, like me, you're stuck with a small kitchen, your existing cabinets might not go far enough when it comes to storage, and that's why you need to know about this nifty Amazon buy - the answer to all your food storage woes.

This clever contraption has been cropping up in kitchens across social media, with one specific video racking up over 17.5 million views on TikTok alone. Essentially, it's a free-standing trolley with rotating compartments to store a whole range of foods, from fresh fruit to snacks and even crockery, and it has the added ability to free up space in your over-spilling cabinets. Right now, it's the hottest viral buy to organize your kitchen, and for good reason.


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Small kitchens have their advantages: I never have to move more than five feet to grab what I need, the oven is right next to the sink, and I'm forced to keep on top of clutter. The downfall, however, is the lack of storage space. No amount of shelf risers, lazy Susans, or clever cabinet add-ons will ever make up for the sheer lack of space to store my food, and without space for a pantry elsewhere in my home, I've been forced to find alternative options.

Until recently, I've chosen to hang pretty net bags on the back of the door to hold my room temperature foods - the likes of apples, potatoes, and onions. Now though, I've found the perfect solution that's stylish, compact, and easy to use. This four-tier food storage trolley, available from Amazon for $90, does it all. It features four stacked wire mesh baskets with flexible rotation, so they swing out for easy access. Better still, they also detach so you can easily restock or clean them as needed.

Fed up for trudging around the kitchen, running back and forth for your ingredients? This clever kitchen storage buy puts an end to that, too. Thanks to the discreet castor wheels, you can also easily transport the rolling storage basket around your kitchen as necessary (something that's particularly important in my small space, where the floorplan is so limited). It also comes in a choice of black or white, with both four and five-tier options so that you can choose a design that suits your space.

I could sit and rave about this organizer all day long, but really, it does all the talking for itself. If you're looking for ways to maximize your kitchen storage without adding extra cabinets, look no further than this Amazon-buy.

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