Vanessa Hudgens' Retro-Style Curtains, and These Designers Have Given Them the Seal of Approval for 2024 Style

These geometric curtains might be controversial, but designers love them

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The old idiom ‘time always repeats itself' never rang more true than in the world of interior design. Trends are cyclical by nature so, whether it be the ornate details of the neoclassical period or 70s-style rattan furniture, we always end up going back to pre-loved trends when we get bored of the contemporary.

Patterns work in the exact same way, and right now, retro designs are having a resurgence. In a recent post, Vanessa Hudgens was seen posing in front of the bright and busy earth-toned curtains in her home, and while the interior design trend might be controversial, it's been given the green light from the experts. Here's what they had to say. 

While they might not be for everyone, there's a lot to love about this bold curtain choice. The dark-colored retro curtains are paired with white sheer voiles to create a balance by Vanessa, but we love the warm earthy palette they bring to her windows. ‘These curtains are making a roaring comeback as design trends continue to steer more towards warm tones, vintage design, and dressier windows,’ says Elana Mendelson, CEO Elana Designs. 'Vanessa's drapes are a perfect blend of all of these trends.'

The retro pattern might be on the garish side, but the variety of tones and the organic shapes make them a versatile option for a variety of decor choices. ‘These small repeating geometric patterns take inspiration from 70s interiors and are a welcome contrast to the feminine woodland embroidery we’re seeing in textiles,' says Marie Goodwin, Head designer at Prestigious Textiles. 'Select fabrics with multi-dimensional and multi-tonal finishes to add interest to your space.'

When it comes to pattern trends for 2024 Marie expects retro looks like these to be popular, especially when it comes to the likes of curtains which offer a subtler way to introduce patterns without them feeling overwhelming. 'We also expect to see a growing interest in woven textiles that use tactile materials like boucle and space-dyed yarns to add texture and color,' she adds.

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 Just having these curtains in a room is enough to lift it up. By pairing them up with dark, wooden furniture, you can turn it into an old-timey, cottagecore atmosphere, and Elana thinks they can add spice and personality to any room. ‘These curtains would pair beautifully with a warm, neutral-toned primary bedroom,' she says. 'They would also look stunning in a dark and moody deep sable, lush olive, or rich rus painted dining room or living room creating interest, drama, and a subtle yet gorgeous element of surprise.’

Ready to embrace a retro feel in your space? Take inspiration from Vanessa's curtains and bring earthy, geometric patterns to your windows. 

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