This viral patio table can seat up to 12, yet still fits in a small backyard – and it's all thanks to its genius extendable design

Don't make your guests sit on makeshift chairs. This multifunctional table makes hosting garden parties simple, no matter the size

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Finally, we can safely say alfresco season is upon us. As much as we love spending time inside our homes, there's really nothing better than taking the party outside to enjoy the sunshine, gathered around a table with good food, great drink, and even better company. That is, until you're forced to resort to makeshift chairs when you realize there's not enough to go around... 

Let's be honest, is there anything more embarrassing than not having enough room to host all your guests? It's a big enough challenge when you're hosting indoors, but at least then there's the promise of upholstered seating somewhere at least. When you're outdoors you're far more limited, and despite your efforts to be resourceful, using empty buckets as stools just won't do. 

Imagine, then, a multifunctional patio table that transforms to accommodate anywhere from two to 12 guests, all while collapsing away into a compact side table that's easy to store? Well, that's exactly what Transformer Table is offering, and we think it's the versatile furniture of the future. Here, we take a closer at this innovative piece of modern outdoor furniture

A compact outdoor table with an accompanying chair and stool

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So, how does it work? Transformer Table is the brand that bought us versatile furniture that can be easily, well, transformed, to fit a space as needed. Now they've developed an extendable table that can be used outdoors, too. The 6-in-1 Transformer Patio Table™ extends up to 10 feet long to accommodate a dozen guests, and it neatly packs away into a small side table for simple storage. 

Without getting too technical, the patio table essentially has a built-in telescopic mechanism that allows you to pull the table out and add up to five panels in the middle to accommodate extra seating in six different configurations. It holds up to 750 lbs, too, so it really is a banquet table fit for a feast. 

The complete set comes with a patio bench which can also be extended to fit the dimensions of the table, as well as four stackable chairs. There's also an optional bar cart that doubles up as nifty storage for the panels, and a generously sized umbrella to protect you from sun. As far as outdoor dining goes, it's pretty genius.

A large outdoor dining set with a bench, chairs, and an umbrella

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While it doesn't come cheap (the table alone is $1,599), we'd say it's a pretty worthy investment, especially considering it's the only piece of garden furniture you'll need. It's certainly a piece of long-lasting outdoor furniture, too. Durable, waterproof, and resistant to rust, the furniture is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and a patent-pending technology called Beyond Wood™ as the surface finish. A built-in drainage system also makes it easy to clean down with your garden hose afterward. 

There's no sacrificing style to make way for this level of functionality, either. We love the clean, contemporary lines of the design, and the wood effect is timelessly chic. Currently, the set is only available in a darker wood tone, but it's we can likely expect other colorways to follow suit.

Ready to up your hosting game in time for BBQ season? If you're searching for new outdoor furniture, the outdoor Transformer Table is a good place to start. 


The long-awaited Transformer Patio Table is finally here 💫 We have created an outdoor version of our famous Transformer Table™️ collection with a 6-in-1 extendable table and bench, stackable chairs, a bar cart slash panel storage solution, and an enormous umbrella to protect you from sun rays while you dine. With their waterproof design and integrated drainage, the furniture can easily be washed with small quantities of soapy water and a garden hose. Tag someone you know who NEEDS to see this!🌿

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