'How Easy Is That?!' This $30 Hack Turns The Bits You Need In Your Kitchen Into Designer-Worthy Decor

You need just two things to replicate this chic home hack, and I know you're going to love it. Gorgeous, easy, and so practical!

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Is there anything more worthwhile in life than a BOGO? In all my 28 years, I'm convinced there is truly nothing better than the feeling of getting two things where you would otherwise be getting one, particularly when it comes to home decor and design. As I'm sure you've already gleaned, I love buying myself new treats and trinkets for my space, but I love it even more when that splurge is a part of a buy one, get one deal.

Now, the thrill of a BOGO is not exclusively to price. Those reversible couch cushions you just bought from one of the best home decor brands? That's a BOGO. Oh, what about that 3-1 kitchen tool you snagged from Williams-Sonoma the other day? That's a BOGOGO, baby. In my book, any trick, hack, or tip that takes one thing or activity and turns it into another is your own personal BOGO win, and I'm here today with a buy one, get one I can't wait to share.

Picture this: The kitchen in your house is quite small. Cabinet space? You have some, but ... there's not much. As a result, you're constantly searching for space-saving but also stylish ways of displaying your kitchenware, your BOGO-focused mind convinced you can leave some of it out on the counter to double as functional decor. It's absolutely a good idea, one I'm sure the whole Livingetc team would back, only you still haven't found quite the right solution. Until today, that is.


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I was casually doom-scrolling the other night (as one does before bed) when I happened upon this clever and stylish DIY from TikTok user @alexandhome. After mounting a basic Amazon towel rod on the side of her kitchen counter (she uses adhesive strips, making this even easier), she hangs 5 or 6 simple S-hook black shower curtain rings along the bar. She then proceeds to hang various kitchenware and serveware from the shower rings — things like dishtowels, mini charcuterie/cutting boards, and even a rattan or twine basket that's perfect for flowers. Instantly, the DIY takes what was once a drab space and turns it into a functioning decor display, complete with faux florals for that grounded, elegant touch. How easy is that?!

This, right here, is a BOGO hack at its finest. Alex expertly combined a space-saving hack with a simple kitchen DIY, one that's easily customizable depending on personal tastes and time of year. If you're someone who loves to swap out their kitchen towels for the seasons or likes to go all out for the holidays, this tip is perfect for that level of constant adjustment.

What you'll need

As I said before, the decor possibilities here are endless. But in case you need more inspiration, I'll link some extra goodies below.

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