Hit the reset button with these timeless wallpapers

Spring your home into style with these timeless wallpapers that require zero commitment.

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I can still remember the wallpaper in the foyer of my childhood home: a marvelous yellow-and-blue floral wallpaper, so captivating it rarely went unnoticed, and every guest gushed over it. So much so that when it came to my bedroom decor? I —being a young child with exceptional taste — seemingly demanded (daily), a similar intricate hand-drawn floral arrangement be installed to the borders of my bedroom walls immediately. 

Yes, excellent taste dates back decades, and fast-forward present-day? Nothing has changed —my affection for wallpaper.

When it comes to securing a bold backdrop in a non-committal way, wallpaper is your best friend. The easy-to-use adhesive comes available in a variety of designs, prints, and shades. 

Plus, when investing in a peel-and-stick option, it's perfect for any renters or uncertain shoppers, and I've already attested to the power it has. In fact, it's so powerful that if you are looking to obtain the best bathroom wallpaper or make a subtle statement, you need to invest in timeless wallpaper options. 

Though, the one recommendation I do have is to opt for a timeless wallpaper. 

Timeless wallpaper will do just that: stand the test of time. No matter how many times you rearrange your furniture, switch it up, or change your layout, that same wallpaper you picked from the very start stands out in style: every single time. 

Now, if you're finding that difficult to believe? Instead of explaining it to you, let me show you first-hand. Whether you're a renter embarking on their first wallpaper journey, or a longtime-lover, these five timeless wallpapers are worth the investment. 

5 timeless wallpapers that will always be in style

Transcend your walls with the help of these spectacular and timeless wallpapers. 

1. Start with groundbreaking florals

timeless wallpaper

(Image credit: Rifle Paper Co.)

Rose Multi Tapestry Wallpaper starting at $110, at Rifle Paper Co. 

Transport your walls into a blooming meadow à la this tapestry wallpaper. Available in four variations, each rendition offers the same delicate and detailed pattern of flowers, buds, and leaves, to leave a long-lasting impression — and I know first-hand, as it's currently on my bedroom walls. 

2. Savor this subtle style

Lulu & Georgia wallpaper

(Image credit: Lulu & Georgia)

Scalamandre Raphael Wallpaper for $178, at Lulu & Georgia

Paying homage to the leafy-urban landscape of Central Park and influenced by antique tapestries signature shading, this dynamic wallpaper makes a subtle yet impactful statement. 

3. Romanticize walls

timeless wallpaper

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Camellia Wallpaper for $248, at Anthropologie

With painterly florals and trailing leaves, this wallpaper lends romance to any space — but would look divine as the backdrop in any bathroom. 

4. Infuse an angelic appeal courtesy of this whimsical wallpaper

timeless wallpaper

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Fairy Forest Wallpaper for $188, at Anthropologie

Invite serenity into your home with this calming, whimsical wallpaper that's ideal for nurseries and children's bedrooms alike. 

5. Veer towards something vintage and vibrant

timeless wallpaper

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Kindling Wallpaper for $108, at Anthropologie

Furnish your study or den with this vintage-inspired wallpaper that's both warm and welcoming. 

6. Be inspired by nature

timeless wallpaper

(Image credit: west elm)

Stikwood Adhesive Wood Paneling (20'sq. Set) for $281, at west elm

Implement rich grains, available in an array of woods, and finishes into any living room corner or bedroom for wood-inspired wall coverings that are almost as good as the real thing. 

7. Keep a modernized approach

timeless wallpaper

(Image credit: west elm)

Drop It MODERN Raceway Removable Wallpaper for $180, at west elm

With its classic art-deco style, this wallpaper adds a glam touch to your space. Simple to install and easy to remove, this removable wallpaper is perfect for renters and serial redecorators.

Still, want more? Check out additional timeless wallpaper suggestions below:

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