This Kitchen Sink Addition Marries Practicality and Style — 'No Sink Should Go Without One!'

This handy kitchen buy clears up your sink and certainly adds to the visual appeal of this oft-overlooked space

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Doing the dishes can be an off-putting chore but we've found that certain aspects of the process can add a touch of joy that might even make you rise to the occasion. Sink items are commonly an eyesore made more with function in mind, rather than aesthetics. Having said that, we have recently noticed a larger trend in beautifying areas like the kitchen sink that are often stylistically overlooked and this particular find is both efficient and well-designed.

Kitchen sinks are constantly facing elevated updates including sleek counter attachments and handy spray nozzles for quicker clean-up time. And while this nifty addition may not be as technical as these other advancements, its blueprint makes perfect sense and it caters to any household that's home to a sponge. We spoke to experts and they happen to be on board with this quaint sink accessory. Considering it could even make doing the dishes a tad more fun, we're not surprised that this is the internet's latest obsession (and ours).

Ceramic sponge holders for a cleaner washing zone

Create some understated drama with a fluted kitchen sink

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Are you fed up with the pools of water that appear while doing the dishes? The issue isn't only that there's added clean-up but that these puddles of water often lead to stubborn scaling that takes away from the beauty of what were once stunning counters.

Well, we recently came across this trending buy catered to kitchens that might change the game altogether. In a recent Instagram video, courtesy of pottery artist Charlotte (@three.23_handmade), she showcased her ceramic sponge holder that features a tiny hole spout at its base for water to easily flow out of the holder.

Not only does the ceramic holder look lovely but the clever spout ensures that your sponge is constantly draining. This also helps to avoid the unhygienic congestion of water in the caddy and also lets out bits of food that may otherwise remain stuck at the bottom of a regular one. Keeping your sink clean is an important factor to consider and this neat addition will ensure that your countertops look fresher for longer.

Will Cotter, CEO of Happy Cleans, tells us that chic sponge drainers like Charlotte's really do their job. He points out that sponge caddies that feature a hole or a slit in the sides help drain the water efficiently and can even beautify the sink area. In addition to the spout, ceramics also tend to be porous which makes it the perfect material for such sink accessories. However, Will advises placing the sponge holder above the sink as seen in Charlotte's video, so as to avoid the water from seeping onto the kitchen countertop.

Alessandro Gazzo, cleaning expert at Emily's Maids, also recommends sitting the holder directly above the kitchen sink and points out that this efficient setup also helps to reduce visual kitchen clutter. 'This rustic sponge holder works perfectly for a kitchen sink and adds a bit of personality to the space as well,' he says. Alessandro recommends measuring your regular sponge prior to purchasing a sponge holder to avoid having to stuff your sponge into a caddy that's one size too small as this could make more of a mess than expected.

After putting tons of attention and time into curating your cozy kitchen, we think it's only fair that you get to enjoy the space in its prime for as long as possible. While it's easy to neglect these small aspects of kitchen care, they can do wonders when it comes to keeping your space in tip-top shape. And a little tip from us to you, it's important to find happiness in the little things, and it just so happens that these ceramic sponge holders spark bundles of joy.

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