This Amazon Buy is Perfect for Organizing Your Entryway, and it's a Great Alternative to the IKEA STÄLL

Upgrade your shoe storage with one simple buy

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As we edge ever closer to the new year, I've been thinking about how I can upgrade the storage solutions in my home. One area that's always a struggle to declutter is the entryway but, finally, I've found a solution, and it's changed my organization game for good. 

Shoe storage can be notoriously difficult to manage, especially when faced with a small entryway and when you own an unhealthy amount of shoes. Having a tidy space is key to creating a warm welcome so, if you're after an elevated look that makes the right impression, you'll need to get that unsightly pile of footwear sorted.

Luckily I've come across the perfect product to tidy away all your daily shoes and, believe it or not, it's from Amazon. It's also the perfect alternative to the IKEA STÄLL. If you want to introduce an easy, nearly inconspicuous way of hiding your shoes out of sight, this is it. 

Starting the new year with an organized space is everyone's goal. According to professional organizer Sara Bereika, one way to do that is to have an audit of your current storage setup and think about how you can enhance it. 'After Christmas is the perfect time to think about the main storage areas of your home,' she says. 

This is a time when new items - particularly footwear - arrive in your space, but shoe storage is an area that's often neglected in the grand scheme of home organizing. Lisa Ruff from The NEAT Method, advises auditing your shoe collection and investing in a quality storage system that works for your space and aesthetics.  'Keeping your shoes organized will make it easier and faster to get out the door each morning, not just for you but for your entire family,' adds Lauren Saltman, a professional organizer and owner of Living Simplified.

Finding a storage system that seamlessly fits into your life is the key, and if you have a small entryway, this super slim shoe unit from Amazon does just that. Much like the popular STÄLL system from IKEA, the cabinet opens out to reveal space to store shoes away neatly but whereas the IKEA unit stores 10 pairs of shoes, the Amazon version holds up to fifteen. It also offers extra storage at the base and on top, perfect for the likes of letters and keys.

If that wasn't enough to convince you to invest in this genius entryway organizer, the neutral design and color make it ideal for many different design aesthetics and it can be styled in a number of ways. Make your shoe storage one of your first projects of 2024 and tick it off quickly by investing in this nifty cabinet.

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