Designers agree Sofia Richie Grainge has chosen the perfect material for her home - 'it makes you want to curl up'

Designers weigh in on why the reimagining of this fabric in Sofia Richie’s chairs is the most trend-forward way to update your seating

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The avid interior design trend followers among us will know that bouclé is a material that is having a major moment. It’s a material that has kind of always been cool (think Jackie Kennedy’s iconic 1960s Chanel skirt suit), but in recent years it has had a comeback of the most viral degree and we’re seeing it being incorporated as a cozy addition to fall living rooms. 

But Sofia Richie Grainge has found a way to use it in a dining room, too. It has created a space that feels elegant, elevated and welcoming at the same time. Smart, in both senses of the word. Showing off in her dining room in a recent Instagram post the newlywed model is seen posing against a large oval warm wood dining room table which is accesorized with several off-white bouclé chairs with rounded backs. 

Sofia gets the color just right

Who could blame us for loving it? Bouclé, a type of looped yarn, is a material often used in armchairs and footstools in a living room because not only does it add a sense of comfort and warmth to a space, its cream color means it can be used to add texture into a minimalist living room or space with a neutral palette. But it turns out bouclé isn’t a material designated solely for living rooms, or seen solely on boucle sofas

It is the structure of the fabric itself which impresses Amber Dunford, Style Director at Bed Bath & Beyond in Salt Lake City, Utah, especially in how it is reimagined as a dining room material. ‘One thing I like about Sofia’s use of bouclé for the dining room is the speckled grey color and the tighter scale of the bouclé,’ Dunford says. ‘For obvious reasons, the dining room may not be the ideal place for a textured white fabric. However, when white is looped with gray in this version of bouclé, I think it will wear very nicely. Some bouclé fabrics have more nubby loops than others which are great for cozy settings like a living or bedroom, but I think this tighter version feels perfect for a dining chair.’

And Sofia pairs them well

sofia richie grainge in her dining room with boucle chairs and green couch

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Sofia also receives high praise for how the bouclé chairs are offset by the other pieces of furniture in the space. Zara Khan of Zara Khan Interior Design in San Luis Obispo says she thinks 'the bouclé adds a warm touch. It's surrounded by so many "hard" textures (wood and paneling on the walls) so it's a nice balance to help it feel inviting and soft.’

An interesting aspect of Sofia’s introduction of these particular chairs into her dining room is the flow it allows in the space, according to Elizabeth Vergara of Vergara Homes in New York City. The designer says the rounded nature of the chairs ‘introduce a unique visual element to the space [which] breaks away from the traditional linear forms of rectangular or square furniture, and in this case, it provides a visually intriguing and dynamic aesthetic.’ Moving away from square furniture when using a cozy material like bouclé also enhances the material’s natural capacity to make a room feel more relaxing, especially when paired with the curved table. 

A boucle accent chair

Boucle can soften even hard, architectural features

(Image credit: Tom Ferguson. Design: SJS Interior Design)

It doesn’t surprise Zara Khan that bouclé fabric is trendy right now and with celebrities like Sofia showing us how to transition this fabric into other spaces in our home, it looks like it isn’t going anywhere. ‘I think bouclé is having a moment for two reasons. We are in a period where people are really investing in their homes and want to make them a cozy place they love spending time in. Bouclé is as cozy as it gets, while still being more durable than something like fur,’ Khan explains. ‘We are also seeing a trend towards neutral interiors and in order to pull off that look without it feeling one-dimensional, you have to layer in textures and bouclé is a very interesting warm texture.’

If you would like to take Sofia’s lead and introduce bouclé into your dining room, our designers have some handy tips for getting it right. Amber Dunford explains: 'With any textile that includes a raised texture, you’ll likely experience different wear in areas. If this is something that might bother you over time, I’d suggest looking for a more compact version of the texture to minimize this effect.’

Dunford goes on to explain that the color or shade of bouclé you choose can ensure your new piece of furniture feels tapered to your aesthetic. ‘I think we saw a predominant use of white with bouclé fabrics this year, but there are also great options out there in colors like rich jewel tones or moodier grays that are also great to explore,’ she says. ‘Bouclé is great because it gives you texture and variation without being a print, which can be a commitment for some people. I would reach for this fabric if you want your space to feel rich and layered but aren’t a fan of bold patterns or prints.’ 

Remember bouclé is effective in softening pieces with metal or wood legs meaning there really isn’t a reason not to take inspiration from Sofia and make your dining room as warm and inviting as your living room! When embracing the cozy approach, Amber Dunford says to ‘think about what you want to wear when you curl up to watch a movie, is it rigid denim or your favorite nubby sweater? The same concept can apply to furniture’, and we couldn’t agree more.

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