8 Seasonal Summer Flowers to Style in a Vase Right Now for Sweet Scents and Beautiful Blooms

Whether you have a flourishing cut flower garden or prefer to take a trip to the florist, these are the best seasonal blooms to bring into your home right now

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We're here to announce the onset of a beautifully floral summer and share the beautiful blooms that need to be on your radar for the season. From gorgeous classic blooms to some flowers that you might've been missing out on all along, our floral experts have given us the lowdown on the most popular flowers this year.

Whether you're green-thumbed and looking for cut flower garden ideas or if you're stumped when it comes to picking out your bunch at the florists', this list will have you sorted. And you don't have to pick just one. Mix it up, choose your favorite colors, and gift your home a bouquet of fresh summery blooms.

1. Dahlias

A glass vase with pink and purple dahlias

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Nicole Elizabeth Dillon, owner of Breemar Flower Farm tells us that dahlias are big this season, especially since they're one of the most striking summer flowers. She explains that they come in a range of colors and offer different shapes and sizes from pom poms to dinner plates.

'It's easier to arrange with pom pom, ball, and single-flowered styles because they are smaller, with more compact petals that are less prone to shattering,' notes Nicole. 'Hold off on dinner plate dahlias, like the very popular 'cafe au lait' for everyday arrangements as their size is difficult to work with and overshadows all of the other flowers in the arrangement.'

One of the top tips on how to arrange flowers like a pro is to try and feature one flower type per vase. While that can sometimes lead to simple bouquets, dahlia is probably one of our personal exceptions to the rule.

Meredith Bishop, founder of Bloom & Bounty, also loves a fresh bouquet of dahlias and tells us that these lovely flowers advertise the arrival of summer and bloom well into the fall. She points out that they can have a vase life on the shorter side, but explains that they make arrangements really pop and are always the star of the show.

2. Snapdragons

Bloom Coral Snapdragons bouquet

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Introducing flowers to your home has become a certified interior design trend of the year and flowers like snapdragons do such a lovely job of infusing a space with visual interest.

Meredith tells us that snapdragons are old-fashioned linear flowers that add height and drama to a bouquet. 'They grow in all shades of the rainbow and have a unique blossom that can appear to open like a mouth when squeezed,' she says.

We're certainly not surprised that these gorgeous flowers made it onto the it list of the summer. Personally, I've always loved snapdragons and find them to be a lively addition to any bouquet. The linear blooms and the beautiful colors brings a touch of whimsy to any living space.

3. Lisianthus

A vase of lisianthus buds

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If you're just about entering your flower era, lisianthus might not be one that's on your radar but Nicole tells us that it should be. 'Lisianthus is a relatively little-known flower that adds such beauty and interest to a summer arrangement,' she says. 'The blooms are often mistaken for roses, but are slightly smaller and last up to 10 days in a vase.'

These pretty flowers seem to be the floral industry's best-kept secret as Meredith tells us that wedding florists tend to snatch them up at first glance. She also points out that this is a great replacement for roses due to the similar bloom pattern.

With celebrities like David Beckham and Kris Jenner bringing roses into their homes, we find Lisianthus to be the next best flower, especially considering its visual similarities.

'These rose-shaped flowers come in pink, green, white, purple, and a variety of other colors,' she says. All the beauty without any of the thorns? Count us in.

4. Cosmos

Cosmos designed by Sarah Raven

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In conversation with Meredith, she tells us that cosmos are another elegant addition to an heirloom summer bouquet. 'Cosmos have long delicate stems topped with blooms that can resemble cupcake liners,' she says. 'They add movement, height, and grace to an arrangement, with the stems seeming to dance above the other flowers.'

Decorating with tall, long-stemmed blooms is a flower trend we can get behind. And cosmos makes it easy to create a lush, full bouquet that brings a playful floral vibe to a room. Whether you use just cosmos or even if you mix them in with a couple of seasonal blooms, they're bound to stand out in the best way.

5. Zinnias

A vase of zinnias

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Both Nicole and Meredith seem to have zinnias among their go-to florals for the summer. One look at these stunning flowers and you'll join the team too. According to Meredith, zinnias are the quintessential choice for an old-fashioned, colorful addition to a summer bouquet. She explains that these versatile flowers are available in varying sizes, shades, and petal counts. Meredith also points out that these easy-to-sow seeds germinate readily and easily self-seed year after year.

As one of the best fast-growing flower seeds, Zinnias are a great bloom to grow in your backyard. And Nicole tells us that zinnia breeding has advanced significantly over the past few years. 'Zinnias are known for their bright, jewel-tone blooms,' she notes. 'And nothing says summer fun, like these brightly petaled flowers!'

6. Hydrangeas

hydrangeas in a glass vase

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According to Nicole, hydrangeas are probably one of the most popular summer blooms. 'They come in white, lime, purple, blue, and pink,' says Nicole. 'They create lush displays adding volume and texture to any arrangement or they can stand alone in a vase.'

Besides the visual appeal of these popular flowers, Nicole explains that they have a large cutting window and can even be dried for long-term display. Which only means that you're really getting your money's worth with these flowers. If you're on the lookout for table centerpiece ideas, we can't see you going wrong with a curated display of multicolored hydrangeas for a boho-themed tablescape.

7. Sunflowers

sunflowers in a large vase

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No summer flower tier would be complete without the classic sunflower. Nicole tells us that sunflowers are cheerful, bright, and long-lasting. 'They usher us into summer and take us through fall,' she says.

When arranging these summer blooming flowers, Nicole recommends starting with your classic gold petals with a black center at the beginning of summer and slowly transitioning towards darker plum and cherry ones, as the season changes.

If you're interested in bringing them into your garden, Nicole has great news for you. 'Sunflowers can be grown from seed in about 60 days,' she notes. 'If you are up to planting them, just be sure to look for pollen-less varieties to keep your table clean post-harvesting.'

8. Gladiolus

gladiolus flowers in bloom

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I'm not sure if it's the unmatched aesthetic that vertical blooms bring to a space but just like snapdragons, these stunning gladiolus blooms have quickly made it onto my grocery list. And if you're worried about how to prolong the life of your grocery store flowers, simply switch out the water every 2-3 days and enjoy their allure for days to come.

Nicole explains that gladiolus are tall, and dramatic, offering a vertical element to your arrangement. 'They are making a comeback because they bring people comfort,' she says. 'Many remember the bright flowers their grandmothers grew.'

She mentions that flowers are powerful reminders of precious summer memories and we couldn't agree more. So gift yourself and your home with a bouquet of nostalgic flowers or bring home new memories and try out a new bloom instead.

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