16 Flowers That Bloom in Summer — From Pretty Peonies to Stunning Sunflowers

If you're fairly new to gardening or if you are looking to add to your collection of flourishing beauties, we've got you covered with the best blooms to plant in your backyard

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As the days begin to find some warmth, it’s time to transform your backyard and bring it into full bloom with some of your favorite flowers.

From precious peonies to striking sunflowers, there is a variety of blossoming wonders to bring into your home as you brainstorm on your backyard ideas for the summer.

‘Summer is a busy period for all things blooming and so it is for the proud gardeners,’ Albina Arndt, an expert from Flowwow tells us. Your backyard plants will need extra care and attention, and with rising temperatures, as well as thriving insects, Albina says the 'intense blooming period requires deadheading the flowers for more floral abundance,' which makes the summer a 'labour-heavy seasons’.

Flowers are a great way to elevate your yard, with its many colors and shapes. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, be sure to browse the list of flowers that bloom in the summer.

1. Peony

Pink Peonies

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Peonies are known for their elegant appearance. With 33 recognized species of peonies, Albina Arndt tells us in order to keep these blooms happy, you must allow them to sit in 'well drained areas' and 'feed them with the relevant fertilizer and keep them in sunny spots with plenty of room'.

Peonies are known to bloom from the late spring through to early summer, but this also depends on your location and the variety of peonies you are growing.

If you want to awaken your dull backyard, these delicate and colorful blooms might just be the one for you. So when to plant peonies? Fall is the best time, but you may be able to plant some types in early spring for late summer blooms.

2. Hydrangea

hydrangea bush in bloom

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A gorgeous addition to any backyard, hydrangeas come in many different colors — which in turn can elevate and illuminate your flower beds.

Shane Dibbs, Director of Seed Barn says, 'hydrangeas are a beautiful addition to gardens. They come in a range of colors and feature large blooms that brighten up a garden, reaching their peak in mid to late summer. They are delicate, long lasting flowers that can be white, blue or pink'.

3. Marigold

Marigold plant perennial/ annual, herbaceous, with fibrous roots. Flowers yellow, roundish, large sized with musky pungent fragrance

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Marigolds are known for being easy to grow and are ideal if you are a fairly new gardener and might be unsure of where to start.

Shane says these flowers bring, 'a wealth of copper and gold tones to the garden, and are incredibly popular as they bloom for months'.

The flowers can also 'thrive in many environments, making them a versatile choice that can be planted in a range of different gardens and outdoor spaces,' Shane adds.

Paris Lalicata from The Sill, says these blossoms are also 'magnificent companion plants in the garden' as their scent 'deter most common garden pests and attract beneficial garden insects that can prey on garden pests'.

4. Cosmos

Vibrant pink and white summer flowering Cosmos flowers in soft summer sunshine

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Cosmos bring 'a variety of color along with a wealth of foliage,' says Craig Morley, gardening expert from Budget Seeds. The daisy-like flowers also have a long, slender stem and are known to blossom from the summer to fall. 'Most types of cosmos will flower for a long time, potentially from May to October, and their open flowers will attract plenty of pollinators to your backyard,' Craig adds.

To make the most out of your space, he says: 'shorter cosmos varieties will also look great in containers if you do not have a lot of outdoor space to work with'. These little delights will need extra care, so ensure that you are 'planting them in a warm, sunny spot' and remember, 'cosmos seeds can be sown directly into the soil in early Spring'.

Craig explains that once the seedlings have formed, 'a few pairs of leaves, you can pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushier plants with more flowers if you desire'. And once cosmos plants are established in your backyard, Craig says 'they should be able to withstand poor soil conditions, drought and will self sow, making them a good low maintenance option'.

If you want different varieties in your backyard, Craig suggests planting these cosmos: 'Cosmic Orange', 'Peppermint Candy' or 'Ladybird'. They're one of the best flowers for bees, too.

5. Coneflowers

Echinacea flowers Echinacea purpurea in the garden

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With it's unique pointy shape, coneflowers are very recognizable. These blooms have a way of capturing your attention with its 'shuttlecock shape and vibrant color,' which makes for 'a great addition to any garden,' Shane says.

These flowers bloom around mid-summer and continue to flower sporadically until the winter time. They make a delightful addition in a garden with its distinctive shape and colors.

6. Angelonia

Angelonia angustifolia, commonly called Angelonia or Summer Snapdragon

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Sometimes known as 'Summer Snapdragons', Craig says angelonia are 'hardy perennials that are able to withstand high temperatures and humidity without any problems'. These flowers are known to grow 'mostly upright, but some varieties may grow horizontally'.

He says these flowers are ideal 'to use in the middle of beds or in borders, and make great thriller flowers for window boxes'.

Angelonia are known to be quite strong and Craig says they are also able to 'survive through brief periods of drought, and they do not require any deadheading to keep blooming'.

If you are looking to welcome these flowers in your backyard, 'they are best when grown in a place where they will receive full sun, as Angelonia's that receive less than six to eight hours of direct sunlight will not produce as many flowers,' Craig adds.

These blooms also make great container plants, and are a fun way of welcoming nature to your door, as they can 'attract butterflies and hummingbirds'.

7. Aster

High angle view of purple flowering plant

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'Asters are ideal for keeping your garden blooming even in late summer and they have a huge variety of colors to choose from,' Albina says.

The purple daisy-like perennials 'peak flowering season is usually in August which makes your garden an all-summer-rounder and they are incredibly easy to care for,' she adds.

Albina says that you should keep these blossoms in the sun and says that you should 'not be afraid to plant couple of bushes together for a cloud-like pillow of color'.

8. Daylily

Flowers of a daylily of brown-yellow on a bed in the summe

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'Daylilies can sometimes resemble lilies, with their trumpet bloom and striking colour,' Shane says. These alluring blossoms are low-maintenance, virtually disease- and pest-free, as well as drought-resistant.

'They can grow on most soils and are low maintenance, making daylilies a great choice for an easy growing and beautiful plant,' Shane adds. Most daylilies bloom in June or July, but depending on the area and on their variety they may bloom from early spring until the winter season.

9. Lavender

Lavender Field

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Awakening the senses, the lavender is an all time favorite for many.

Tony O'Neill, a gardening expert from Simplify Gardening says, these blossoms are known for their 'soothing fragrance and versatility'. He says they are also perfect for creating a sensory garden experience.

Tony says besides its 'beauty and scent' lavender is also drought-resistant which in turn makes it 'suitable for xeriscaping' and 'excellent for attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies'.

These blossoms are 'Ideal for borders, herb gardens, or as informal hedges. Its silvery-green foliage and purple flowers complement many garden designs,' he adds.

10. Daisy

White daisies with yellow centres against a clear blue sky.

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These bright yellow and white blossoms are a magnificent sight. Daisies add a bit on sunshine on a dull day and are 'quintessentially cheerful,' Tony says.

'With their classic white petals and sunny centers, they embody the essence of summer. They are incredibly hardy and can thrive in a variety of conditions. Daisies are also excellent for cutting gardens, as they hold up well in vases,' he adds.

Daises are great for wildflower meadows, cottage gardens and as ground cover. They also 'pair beautifully with other perennials and annuals, creating a lively and colorful display,' Tony explains.

11. Sunflower


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Tony says these 'show-stoppers' are best know for its 'towering height and large, bright faces that follow the sun'.

'Besides their aesthetic appeal, sunflowers are great for wildlife gardening; they attract bees while they’re blooming and birds when they go to seed. They can also help remediate soil by pulling out toxins,' Tony adds.

If you are looking to add these beauties to your backyard, Tony says they are ideal for a 'backdrop for a garden border or planted along fences,' and they can also 'be used to create a natural privacy screen or as a fun addition to a children’s garden'.

12. Rose

'Gertrude Jekyll' rose by David Austin.

(Image credit: David Austin Roses)

Who doesn't love roses? Known for their bright and charming colors, the rose bush is also 'characterized by its thorny stems, lush green foliage, and large, fragrant flowers in various colors such as red, pink, yellow, and white,' Kristen Pullen, Woody Ornamental Portfolio Manager at Star® Roses and Plants says.

They are a 'highly sought after' blossom and 'admired for their exquisite, fragrant flowers and elegant thorny stems,' which brings 'enchanting and romantic touch to any garden,' Kristen adds.

13. Lily

Tall white lilies in a summer garden

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Lilies have a special way of adding fragrance and beauty in a backyard, with its colors and its unique star-shaped figure.

Horticulturist Peggy Anne Montgomery, from Flowerbulb.eu says, these blossoms are 'low-maintenance, perennial, and pollinator-friendly summer flowers'.

They are also known 'for their timeless elegance, captivating colors, and floral aroma in some varieties, lilies will transform your garden into a serene retreat,' Peggy adds.

14. Mandevilla Vine

Pink Mandeville vine

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These vibrant vines are known for their colorful flowers and textured leaves. Mandevilla produces 'trumpet-shaped flowers primarily in shades of red, pink, and white—though some newer breeding is producing yellow- and apricot-flowering varieties,' Justin Hancock, horticulturist at Costa Farms says.

Justin says these blossoms also attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. So if you're a lover of all things nature, the Mandevilla flowers is the perfect fit for you!

Mandevilla grow a lot quicker once the weather begins to get warmer, so Justin explains that it is a 'great choice for quickly twining up a chain-link fence or other structure for summer screening'. This flower grows best in areas which has sunlight and 'well-draining soil'.

'Once established, they’re drought tolerant,' Justin adds. 'They typically climb 10 to 15 feet, depending on climate (the hotter the weather and the longer the season, the bigger they get)'.

15. Black Eyed-Susan Vine

Black Eyed Susan

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The Black-Eyed Susan Vine is a fast-growing and long-blooming flower.

Justin says it is known for its charm with its bright orange, yellow, white or pink colors. 'Many varieties have a dark purple-black center, which is how it gets its common name,' he adds.

These vines grow quite quickly and are in full bloom from the spring to autumn. 'Black-Eye Susan Vine grows and blooms best in all-day sun. Once established, it’s relatively drought-tolerant, but does best in a moist, well-draining soil, that’s rich in organic matter,' Justin tells us.

16. Wisteria

Wisteria in bloom

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'The Wisteria is a beautiful hardy climber and is perfect for cascading over a trellis or even your porch,' says plant expert Paris Lalicata.

This pretty, lavender-blue flower has a 'sweet, pungent smell when in bloom and they are known as repeat bloomers,' and bloom 'multiple times throughout the spring and summer months'.

Paris says this plant will not only elevate your backyard, but you'll also 'get hit with the sweet calming scent of the blooms every time you walk into your garden'.

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