People Are Turning This New IKEA Wall Cabinet Into the Most Brilliant Design Feature for Kitchens — It's Going Viral!

Creating your caffeine corner and keeping it organized just got so much easier thanks to this IKEA addition

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If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that personalized touches efficiently transform a house into a home. It's these thoughtful home additions that complete the space and cater to an ambiance that sparks joy on a day-to-day basis. Among the more popular home additions is the extremely clever and completely wholesome coffee nook, a curated caffeine corner fitted with everything you need to set you up with your everyday cup of joe. And apart from the appliances and utensils, storage is a must.

Incidentally, IKEA recently launched an item that seems like it was made for a coffee station and we think it fits the theme of the space like a glove. Having come across this clever IKEA hack on Instagram, we were keen to hear from the experts on this trend and they seem to love it about as much as we do. So if you're looking for coffee bar ideas to help you create your ideal at-home café spot, this might be just what you need to complete the setup.

IKEA HAGAÅN For A Sleek Storage Solution

The first things you think of when planning out your coffee bar are usually the big ticket items like the coffee maker, the ice maker, and the milk frother. While we truly believe that products like this nugget ice maker from Amazon make great additions to your coffee bar while also giving you that boost of main character energy, there are some functional aspects to this space that require just as much attention. One such practical necessity to think about is storage and when it comes to contemporary coffee niches, you're likely on the lookout for a chic storage solution to your problems.

Well, we came across a viral Instagram video, courtesy of digital creator Sinem Yilmaz (@lifeofsy), where she cleverly utilizes IKEA's stylish HAGAÅN shelves to organize her coffee station. In the reel, Sinem slides the open wall cupboard against the side of her coffee nook and uses it to store her mugs, glasses, and syrups. The open concept of the cabinet makes it so that you can display your collection of drinkware perfectly while also ensuring that each item is carefully stored off the countertop, essentially ridding your kitchen of visual clutter.

We think that this IKEA buy is not only aesthetic in design but convenient in function and expert interior designer Nina Lichtenstein agrees. 'The combination of the open shelving along with the charming wood finish creates a welcoming ambiance, beckoning you to enjoy your favorite brew in a space that feels organized, elegant and enticing,' she says.

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When it comes to the HAGAÅN's ability to organize a kitchen, home decluttering expert Tina Priestly tells us that the cabinet's smart storage design aligns perfectly with her philosophy of creating organized spaces that are also visually appealing.

'Its shallow wall cabinet design offers a clean and organized way to store coffee essentials while keeping them within easy reach and the included suspension rail simplifies wall mounting, making it a stylish and convenient addition to any kitchen corner,' says Tina. As an advocate for clutter-free spaces, Tina also points out that the HAGAÅN's customizable shelves make it easy to showcase mugs, coffee pods, and other essentials that are otherwise known to take up valuable countertop real estate.

If you're building your own coffee bar, storage is one aspect that you do not want to overlook along the way. Neglecting the organizational essentials will leave your coffee nook looking clumsy and cramped and why settle for that when all you need is a sleek cabinet or a couple of floating shelves to make the space look spick and span. Our tip for the day is to pay consideration to your kitchen's storage as it'll get you one step closer to the ultimate coffee nook that's sure to be the envy of all your guests.

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