5 minimalist lessons from Dune House, a monochromatic beach villa in the Netherlands

Epitomizing stylish simplicity, Dune House brings aesthetic hints of Scandinavia to Ameland's shores

White bedroom with minimalist sheets and paint scheme
(Image credit: Dune House / Welcome Beyond)

Hidden amid Ameland's sand white dunes in the Dutch Wadden islands, Dune House is our latest source of Scandi-cool inspiration and unrivaled monochromatic style. 

With organic pockets of botany, subtly-toned tiles, and an ivory-toned scheme, this unconventional island retreat has reshaped our modern home decor ideas in ways beyond the Netherland's northern coast. 

While we're lusting over almost every square inch of this chic haven, there remain five stand-out lessons in minimalism that we're rushing to recreate. Here is everything you need to know about this sophisticated style – from the waves of the Wadden Sea. 

1. Create excitement with textures, not colors  

Bathroom with mixed gray tiles and white sink

(Image credit: Dune House / Welcome Beyond)

Dune House's bathroom is among the most notable spaces in the villa, but you need to look carefully to enjoy its diverse aesthetic. 

The bathroom maintains the minimalist color scheme, however, it showcases an experimental use of subtle patterns and textures through its array of shaped tiles that change from the shower floor. 

While the area is not flooded with ever-changing colors, it boasts a sophisticated talking point that is effortlessly understated but no less chic. Dune House, we thank you for the modern bathroom idea of our minimalist dreams. 

2. Dare to (color) drench 

White bedroom with gray floor and crisp white sheets

(Image credit: Dune House / Welcome Beyond)

Perhaps the most powerful way to immerse in minimalism is through your color palette, or limited palette, thereof. However, a stripped-back certainly doesn't need to be boring – especially when it comes to the season's most daring painted wall idea

Paint experts, including Little Greene's Director, David Mottershead, encourage you to experiment with 'drenching,' the process of using one color across all surfaces in one space. 

The result is thoroughly audacious, indisputably contemporary, and far from boring – because who can argue with this master bedroom?

3. Create contrasts from original features 

Minimalistic living room with monochromatic furnishings

(Image credit: Dune House / Welcome Beyond)

The only acceptable way to interrupt color drenching? With boldly-toned features that create an exemplary monochromatic contrast. 

While the subtle tones are synonymous with the villa, the dark features create an aesthetic juxtaposition that celebrates Scandinavian sophistication beyond a Nordic postcode.

Dune House provokes you to accentuate your home's original assets by allowing them to make a statement through a well-curated contrast. When in doubt, pair alongside unpigmented hues and let the timeless pieces speak for themselves. 

4. Trust the rule of three 

Three glass fixtures above white table in Dutch beach villa

(Image credit: Dune House / Welcome Beyond)

When it comes to design ideas, the rule of three is among the most trusted in the industry, and it is easy to see why. Enter exhibit A, Dune House's dining area, which is crowned with three light fixtures. 

As the theory explains, items arranged in odd numbers (or three, in most cases) are most aesthetic, and with this evidence, we are certainly not willing to argue. 

5. Inject pockets of color through botany  

Minimalist green plant in Dutch kitchen

(Image credit: Dune House / Welcome Beyond)

With their verdant hues and organic aesthetic, houseplants are the minimalist home accessory of choice. These pieces fill the space with clusters of raw color without detracting from the minimalist scheme – whilst celebrating the natural landscape beyond the villa's front door. 

However, from Ameland's emerald palette to an urban jungle across the sea, the lesson remains the same. This neutral living room idea allows you to add color in an eternally stylish way. 

Dune House is located on the Dutch Wadden island of Ameland. Prices range from €347 - €551 per night via Welcome Beyond.   

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