This perfect kitchen brings together all the best design trends in one wonderful space

Twinning Designs has created a kitchen with brass accents, fluted glass, a hidden workstation and sociable seating, ticking all our current wishlist boxes

gold kitchen with modern chairs
(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

We get to see a lot of kitchens, working at Livingetc. It can be a hazard of the job - no sooner had I redone my own kitchen, after months and months of planning, than I read our article about kitchen sink trends and wanted to re-do my basin. 

But every now and again, a modern kitchen sticks out - either because it feels different, full of innovative ideas, or because it perfectly captures and embodies current kitchen trends. It might be that it's designed with conviviality in mind, or it might be that it uses materials in a way that feels daring and fresh. Or it could be both, like this incredible space created by the studio Twinning Design using
the clever kitchen wizardry of Roundhouse Design to blend the ultra-luxe hi-shine of antique brass with social seating and a very cleverly hidden away workstation. 

'The starting point of the project was to create an open plan layout to make the kitchen a feature of the dining and living areas,' says Enrico Cherubini, partner at Twinning Design. 'Huge steel profiles have been introduced to open up the walls and to bear the levels above. There were a lot of structural works, but the final impressive final result was totally worth it.' It really, truly was.

Fluted glass and brass cabinetry

modern brass kitchen cabinets with brass trim

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Bespoke kitchen cabinets are wrapped in the thinnest possible frame of coordinating antique brass, showcasing delicate fluted glass panes which add to the overall feeling of Art Deco-esque opulence (as well as blurring what’s placed within).

Even within the cupboards, the room’s palette is carried through to the smallest detail – lined with ornamental antique bronze mirror, their glass shelves are tinted bronze so the forward-facing edges are an in-keeping brown rather than the usual tinge of blue/green.

Quartzite countertop 

kitchen countertop in a brass island

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

The island’s African Fusion quartzite surface becomes vibrant and warm with the orange, gold and brown streaks that run through it. They harmonize so beautifully with its antique brass base, the dark slab swallowing the hob so it’s barely visible.

Lighting hangs low so cooking becomes cosy and intimate, the island facing outwards so guests can be chatted with while food is prepared.

Well organized drawers

kitchen drawers

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Nothing says 2023 like having a very good system in place for how to organize your kitchen drawers. Actively trying to manage clutter, to live in a world that only makes you feel calm is very right for now. And these wonderfully divided drawers are perfect. 

kitchen island with dining table

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Black accents – from faucets to table bases – add a grounding feel, the heavy shade pulling it all back down to earth. This contrast is a key part of the metallic kitchen trend, making sure that not every surface is too bling, and that there is a mix of both wonder and quietness.

Concealed work station

concealed sink in an open plan kitchen

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Contrast is created in the second sink area where pale Taj Mahal Quartzite is sandwiched between heavy black cupboards, the space doused in brightness under a skylight.

See more work from Twinning Design or find out more about the kitchen brilliance on offer at Roundhouse Design

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