Kendall Jenner's Sofa Nails the Biggest 2024 Trends – Here's Why Designers Love it

This sofa is so luxurious and cozy that it's loved by celebrities and designers alike

Kendall Jenner in a red dress
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It won't be a surprise that another member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has a home that's made it onto our inspiration board for 2024. This time it's Kendall Jenner who has shared a lust-worthy image of her living room, featuring a sofa design designers are loving. 

Sofa styles come and go in waves, and there are only so many times the piece can be reinvented. In this trend, we see a return to the classic skirt design that was big in the 80s, but with a contemporary twist. This is far from your grandmother's sofa - instead, it would be the perfect addition to any modern living room.

We spoke to interior designers to discover more about this sofa trend, why they love it, and how we can use it in our own homes. Because if it's good enough for Kendall, it's good enough for us.

The Jenners are often heralded for setting trends, and this time we can see Kendall showcasing one of the biggest sofa trends of 2024 which has been noted by numerous designers.

'Loose cover sofas or slipcover sofas with skirts or valances, are making a surprising comeback,' says James Scaife, owner of Olson and Baker. 'More streamlined mid-century styles and the luxurious velvet seem to have taken a bit of a backseat.' 

The more structural curved sofas we saw a lot of last year seem to be a thing of the past, with the current trends favoring comfort instead. 'This sofa seems to be about practicality,' says Manuela Hamilford, founder of Hamilford Design. 'Kendall has outdoorsy pastimes and has dogs so looks to be going for something functional. It looks like there is even a throw over the seating or perhaps a washable cover.' 

However, it isn't just the practicality that the designers love. The cloud-like couch is also aesthetically gorgeous. 'The design is understated and a move away from loud luxury,' Manuela says, continuing the trend of quiet luxury and the minimaluxe look we love so much here at Livingetc. The soft brown also leans into the cocooning feeling that's desirable right now, according to Manuela, who says the love for the shade will continue into 2024.

The modern relaxed silhouette paired with the linen and skirting make this a showstopper. Unlike many celebrity sofas, this is one you actually want to sit on and on you could picture having in your own home. 'The mismatched cushions and chair on the side give a very relaxed, informal feel,' says Manuela. 'There's nothing worse than over-styling and over-curating, where a space becomes to look like a fussy show home,' she explains. 'Kendall is definitely showing her casual style here.'

As we all aim to create a soothing and relaxing environment as we head into the new year, this sofa trend is coming at the perfect time. Casual is the new structural, and we're certainly here for it.

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