I Just Discovered IKEA's 'Spa' Collection and it’s Helped me Turn my Bathroom Into a Self-Care Sanctuary

Upgrade your bathroom on a budget with these affordable buys

A bathroom with a free-standing bath painted in two shades of green
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When designing a bathroom there's one term that instantly springs to mind, and that's relaxation. Creating a space where you feel calm and able to unwind is imperative in any bathroom or shower room. However, as anyone doing a full renovation can attest, this usually requires a hefty budget.

Without wanting to spend an arm and a leg to create a luxury, spa-like modern bathroom I looked to our go-to homeware brand, IKEA, and they did not disappoint. Known for their simplistic Scandi flat-pack furniture, we often overlook their decor and smaller accessories. While scrolling through their lesser-known items I stumbled across their spa accessories that make zen affordable.

Here we present our favorite items you should know about if you're serious about creating a luxury feel on a budget, and trust me, they're just what I needed to turn my bathroom into a self-care sanctuary.

IKEA is renowned for its simple well-executed design, but it also has a whole range of accessories that largely fly under the radar. Among those is this collection of delights, all fit for a luxury spa and ready to supply you with all the self-care you need to boost your well-being through winter. 

Far more than just a shower curtain and fluffy bath mat, this line includes 16 products to upgrade your space into a spa bathroom, ranging from eye masks and headbands to robes and washbags. The best part? They're all under $35, too, which is dramatically more affordable than the same items at beauty and lifestyle retailers.

What's in the collection?

A green and white striped wash bag on a bathroom counter

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So, what should you be getting your hands on? Well, every self-care evening needs a bathrobe, so add a luxe waffle material robe to the back of your bathroom door for ultimate comfort. Putting this on will instantly make you feel at ease and start your routine right. There are even spa slippers to match.

No luxury shower experience is complete without a thorough (read: painful) scrub, and IKEA has just the thing to help you do it. The DVÄRGHYACINT scrub belt makes your skin feel brand new like you've been to a real spa and had all the treatments. It's a must-have in any home spa setting, and for under $5, you can't go wrong. 

Your tub is at the center of a luxurious bathroom and whether you have a freestanding bath or a built-in one, they have an undeniable allure (even if you consider yourself a shower person). One thing I love to do during a self-care evening is put on a face mask whilst having a soak, and this is made possible by a clever fastenable towel headband that prevents your hair from getting wet if it's not a hair wash day. These are small details, but they really make a world of difference when it comes to your self-care routine. 

Ready to give your bathroom an upgrade without splurging the cash? Check out IKEA's self-care accessories for a spa-like level of luxury - it's the least you deserve. 

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