A Look Ahead! This Brilliant Retro Chair is Launching in IKEA in January — It's a Bold New Take on a Classic

To celebrate 80 years of IKEA, this collection puts a modern twist on some of the brand's most iconic pieces

A living room with a black and white rug and retro furniture
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Bright bold colors aren't something you'd typically associate with IKEA's subtle Scandi designs, but that's what's on the agenda with their latest Nytillverkad collection. After the success of their earlier drops this year, this third installment marks the continued celebration of 80 years of IKEA designs, and this time, retro accent chairs take center stage. 

Available in stores from January 2024, the future-iconic collection takes inspiration from the 60s and early 70s, featuring the bold shapes and colors that characterized the era. Think low-profile swivel chairs, chrome framed side tables, and crazy patterns in garish colors. As retro styles continue to reign supreme, it's just the tonic we need as we head into 2024. 

If you're looking to inject some characterful details into your home, this collection's playful twist on some of the world's most cyclical interior design trends is just the ticket. Let the joyful decorating commence. 

What's new at IKEA? 

A retro green swivel chair

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The third edition of IKEA's Nytillverkad collection takes inspiration from an epoch when youth culture, pop music, and political protests were shaping the world as we know it. Now, 60 years on, revisiting these influential designs is a great way to bring a splash of dopamine dressing into the home when we need it most, helping to cure those January blues. 

If you're a fan of the retro 70s style that's been dominating designs in recent years, the classic silhouettes of these furniture pieces are great for that, too. The iconic CROMI side table, originally designed by first female IKEA designer Karin Mobring, has been relaunched as the BAGGBODA side table, with a white or light-yellow tabletop and a chrome-plated frame. It's kitsch yet cool, with the sleek and simple form that defines so many of the Swedish brand's functional designs. 

For a brighter and bolder look, soft furnishings feature daring patterns by contemporary Swedish designers Sven Fristedt and Ehlén Johansson. The swirly, psychedelic STRECKFLY cushions are sure to brighten up a lackluster living room while the animal print-esque BULLERREMSA rugs bring the party right down to the floor. 

Chairs take center stage 

A black retro swivel chair in a bright patterned room

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The real stars of the show, however, are the accent chairs. Spurred on by our growing appreciation for vintage forms and timeless designs, they're reminiscent of Mid-Century Style and the subsequent 90s/noughties revival rolled into one. 

'Vintage furniture has made a big comeback lately, and there's been a growing demand for certain IKEA products that have become collector's favorites,' says Johan Ejdemo, Global Design Manager, IKEA of Sweden. 'That's why we decided to bring back a selection of our design icons, and we're excited to see interest coming from customers of all ages, especially young people who are discovering our design legacy and using these vibrant solutions to express themselves at home.'

The squishy, studded DYVLINGE is a contemporary take on the MILA armchair originally designed by Gillis Lundgren, a visionary designer who joined IKEA in 1954. Available in both black and green, this comfy, slouchy, low-profile chair is just as relevant today as it was back then. Use one in your living room for a relaxed feel, or add one to the corner of your home office for a burst of color, as long as you can resist the temptation of sinking into it and snoozing the afternoon away. 

Similarly, the spacious PUCK armchair from 1969 is also making a comeback, this time under the name of SOTENÄS. This curved yellow chair sits on a boxy frame and the stylish silhouette has a laidback feel that looks right at home in any chill-out zone, be it the living room or bedroom. Style with a burlwood coffee table and a dramatic monstera plant to really up the ante on a truly retro feel. 

Whether you love to embrace a vintage look or you're more inclined towards a sleek, contemporary touch, there's something for everyone in this collection. And if you want a dash of color to brighten the remaining winter months, these bold colors offer the perfect remedy. 

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