IKEA reveals a trendy new accessory, and it's a home office must-have

PLUGGLAND celebrates one of 2022's most popular prints – it's almost too fashionable to be functional

IKEA's PLUGGLAND phone holder
(Image credit: IKEA)

Phone holders have never felt particularly stylish, but then we met PLUGGLAND. IKEA's new phone holder is highly practical (of course) – but it's right on trend too. 

The accessory in question comes in a checkerboard print, meaning you can bring one of 2022's most sought-after prints to your desk or home office – whilst making your phone habits more seamless in the process.

PLUGGLAND's stylish black and white checkerboard pattern pays homage to one of the biggest interior design trends of the moment, according to Pinterest's latest Trend Report. According to the forecasters, 'checkerboard pattern' has seen a +160% rise in search, while the demand for 'checkered tile floor' has jumped by 5x. 

IKEA's PLUGGLAND phone holder

(Image credit: IKEA)

And Pinterest isn't the only design powerhouse to observe a revival for this classic print. 'I've always loved bold graphic prints, and there is something in the power of the check - it creates statement impact on designs big or small,' adds Henry Holland. The designer has also just created a checkerboard range that pays tribute to the emerging staple,

Esty's trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson similarly labeled checkerboard as 'gingham's modern cousin' before praising its versatility – adding that it can be incorporated into home design in a variety of ways. And PLUGGLAND is no exception. 

With a price tag the size of a small cappuccino ($3.49), PLUGGLAND allows you to flirt with this modern decorating idea without a major investment. And the best part? It will make your life easier. PLUGGLAND allows you to charge your phone whilst it resorts on the holder, so you can keep typing, scrolling, and video chatting whilst connected to power. 

IKEA's PLUGGLAND phone holder

(Image credit: IKEA)

And coming in at only 4 inches by 6 inches by 3 ¼ inches, this new product isn't exactly a canvas for a new IKEA hack, but then, why would you need to change it when it looks this on-trend already?

'This holder is smart to use when you surf, chat or have virtual meetings – and you can charge your mobile phone at the same time,' IKEA shares in the discussion of the phone holder. 

They add that the entire PLUGGLAND (including this Storage Tin and textured Memo Board) will help you 'organize big and small things.' So, you have every excuse to add to your blue bag right away. 

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