IKEA has Launched These Genius New "Houseplant Trellises" Everyone's Going to Want — and They're Only $10

We're predicting IKEA's new, limited edition DAKSJUS collection, including a trellis set for less than $10, is going to be a sell-out

Room filled with plant accessories
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With the January blues kicking in, houseplants are a great way to bring some color and life into your homespace. Luckily for us, IKEA has just released a brand new vibrant collection of plant accessories which are ideal for transforming your bathroom into an oasis or giving your living room a refresh.

The DAKSJUS collection, made up of 27 products, will brighten up your current at-home jungle or perhaps persuade you to become a plant parentin 2024. It uses earthy tones throughout the range, including terracotta and yellow-brown rust colors, to perfectly complement the brighter greens of foliage. 

The pops of color and the shapes of the products retain the brand's iconic Scandi style to produce chic-looking plant accessories that work with a wide range of interior styles, meaning they are sure to suit your home.

What's more, the range encompasses the brand's classic practicality through products which help make sure that even the least green-thumbed amongst us can raise the best houseplants for beginners without problems. From self-watering inserts to stylish-looking plant trellis', the DAKSJUS range has got you covered no matter your growing abilities or your budget.

What's new at IKEA?

Plant trellis set of 2

DAKSJUS Plant trellis set of 2 for $9.99

(Image credit: IKEA)

Our favourite steal from the collection is this affordable IKEA set of two plant trellis'. Practicality marries up with style perfectly as the sturdy wire structures keep your plants supported, promoting stronger growth whilst packing a punch on the visuals with their playful shaping and colors. 

Climbing plants, such as ivy and philodendron, can seem like a tricky choice to go for what with their penchant for wilting but even the most novice plant parent is set up for success when using these trellis'. Made from a strong steel wire, they will make sure that your plants grow tall and flourish as they should.

The muted color tones match up with a variety of plants meaning that whether you're into climbing green leafy plants or prefer something more vibrant which flowers, the trellis will still look fantastic and add even more joy to your home.

What Else Is In The Collection?

A plantstand with green plants in it

DAKSJUS plant stand, priced at $49.99

(Image credit: IKEA)

If climbing plants aren't your thing then you might be tempted by one of the biggest houseplant trends for 2024 - the plant stand. Plant stands or pedestals are a really easy way of making your houseplants stand out and giving them the prominence that they deserve. Either showcase a few plants in bold and varied pots, or sit your plant amongst your most stylish coffee table books or perhaps some scented candles on the stand to make it more of a feature.

The DAKSJUS range has five different stands to choose from of varying heights and styles. We love the chic bamboo stand which houses plants at two different levels to add a layering effect to the room for ultimate coziness. Go for a bigger, leafier plant on the bottom and a colorful flower on the top for maximum impact.

The Swedish brand's new limited edition collection recognises that all good houseplants deserve a beautiful pot to sit in. Long gone are the days of the classic garden-centre plain option, colorful and patterned pots, such as the collection's set of four mini pots, can help to make the most of a small living room or create a colorful bathroom.

For the novice gardener, to whom looking after a houseplant might sound like just one more thing to add to a never-ending to-do list, IKEA's new range has the solution. Look no further than the budget-friendly self-watering inserts. Simply fill them with water, place them in the soil and let the plants look after themselves whilst you get all the credit from guests who won't be able to resist complimenting your thriving greenery.

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