IKEA is Launching Its Biggest Ever Home Office Collection — New Desks, Chairs and a Genius "Acoustic Screen"

The range includes ergonomic desks and chairs to make your home office as comfortable as possible without sacrificing on style

An office space with a shelving unit, an office chair, and a desk
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IKEA might not be your first port of call when it comes to decking your home office with stylish functional furniture, but that's sure to change once you see their latest collection. Designed to meet the changing needs of our flexible work lives, this new line of furniture and accessories has everything you need to transform your work-from-home setup for ultimate comfort and productivity (all whilst embodying IKEA's classic Scandi style, too).  

Dubbed the MITTZON collection, this marks IKEA's largest office range to date. Born out of a desire to address the needs of the workplace post-pandemic, where flexibility is key to meeting changing needs, it aims to offer solutions that optimize the work experience, whether on-site in a bustling office or at home in a private study. 

'Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many, and that includes their life at work, where a big portion of their time is spent,' said Jesper Samuelsson from IKEA of Sweden AB. 'We believe that MITTZON is a stepping stone on our journey to continue developing furnishings that prioritize the needs of the many people at work, wherever that may be.'

Comprising ergonomic furniture, storage systems, and clever accessories for your work tech and gadgets, the new IKEA range prioritizes well-being through design - and of course, the products don't sacrifice on style either. Here's why we think it's the perfect way to elevate your home office.

What's new at IKEA? 

An office space with an office chair at a desk, with framed art and posters on the walls

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Comprised of 85 different products, the MITTZON collection includes everything you need for the workspace, all the way through from swivel chairs to portable desk lamps. Anchored in holistic ergonomics, including acoustics and nature-inspired elements, it aims to create the most productive work environment possible so that you can work from home effectively.

For example, minimizing noise was a key consideration for the designers, recognizing the disruptive impact external sounds can have on our focus while working. Not all of us have a peaceful home office to work from so, if you've had to dedicate a corner of your kitchen to act as your WFH station, IKEA's new acoustic screen might be the best investment you can make. Not only do these screens absorb and block sound but they also prevent visual distractions, offering the privacy you need to focus. 

Another highlight of the collection is the biophilic design elements. Encompassing lampshades, desks, and screens, these products are made from natural materials with organic shapes to promote wellness, reduce stress, and increase productivity. True to IKEA's ethos, the range borrows natural elements from the Scandinavian outdoors, such as sand patterns and wood finishes, to help create a relaxing and inspiring environment.

The star of the show for us, however, is a compact laptop desk. As far as desk ideas go, it's one of the most versatile out there. Not only can you adjust the height depending on where you choose to sit for your work activity, but the angle of the tabletop can be easily changed too. Whether you're hopping on a video call or writing away at a 2,000-word report, you don't have to compromise on comfort (and it even comes in a calming sage shade, too). 

Why invest in office furniture? 

An office space with a sage green adjustable desk, a padded arm chair, and a white tiled wall in the background

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The home office should be a space where form meets function, and this collection offers just that. Besides the aesthetic contributions however (which speak for themselves), comfort has been a key pillar throughout the design of this collection, without which no one can be expected to perform at their best. 

In this day and age, so many of us sit at a screen for hours of the day, and creating a comfortable environment that's conducive to our well-being is something we typically fail to do. Fortunately, though, these new products from IKEA make that easy. If you're going to invest in office furniture that prioritizes your health for a modern home office idea, this is a good place to start. 

'Our goal was to develop an office system that can establish the foundation for a truly flexible, comfortable and healthy environment, where everyone can find a suitable place to work, feel motivated and inspired,' said Philip Dilé, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden. 

'Ergonomic principles cover much more than good posture, and we put much thought into developing pieces that take that into account,' he continues. 'We worked with experts in the field to consider not only the physical body but also what affects the senses, and therefore focus and wellbeing, in an office environment, and we’ve incorporated those findings into the development of MITTZON.' 

Can't wait to redress your office space? Sadly, you'll have to wait a little while longer before you get your hands on the new items - the collection will be available at IKEA US beginning July 2024, with more products added to the offering in 2025. Watch this space!

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