This IKEA entryway hack uses METOD kitchen cabinets to make clever built-in storage seating

This entryway alcove has been transformed into a multi-functional seating area using IKEA METOD cabinets and just a few simple materials

A small seating area in a panelled alcove that doubles up as storage
(Image credit: Linnéa Martinsson (@krigadalsgard))

If you think kitchen cabinets can't be used for seating, think again. More and more crafty furniture flippers are repurposing IKEA staples like the METOD cabinets to make stunning statement pieces for the home, and we can't get enough of the idea. Storage seating isn't just a clever space-saving hack either, but a stylish design choice, as proven by the beautiful DIY project in this entryway alcove. 

The result is METOD cabinets like you've never seen them before. Using some timber, some brass hardware, and a few coats of gentle sage green paint, this IKEA hack adds character and charm to this calming entryway, all while doubling up as a useful storage solution. The project is the work of home renovator Linnéa Martinsson (@krigadalsgard) who regularly shares IKEA hacks and ongoing improvements to her Swedish home over on Instagram. Here, she tells us how she made her cozy seating nook in just a few simple steps. 

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Lilith is an expert at following news and trends across the world of interior design. A personal fan of the Scandi-inspired interior, her job entails keeping up with everything there is to know about the Swedish powerhouse IKEA. Paired with her insight into the latest home renovation projects, she regularly shares IKEA hacks with readers to inspire their own DIY projects in home design.

Storage seating in the process of being made in a panelled alcove

(Image credit: Linnéa Martinsson (@krigadalsgard))

If you had to describe Linnéa's home, Krigadal, in three words they would be: soothing, serene, (with a hint of) Scandi. Her Instagram profile documents its entire transformation from bare foundations to the sprawling Georgian-style home it is today. The best part is, it's allowed Linnéa to have complete creative freedom over the style of her interior. 

'When we built our house we decided early on that we wanted a built-in seating area in our entryway,' she explains. 'We think it turned out well and it really suits the house.'

The paneled alcove by their front porch offered the perfect spot for the bespoke storage idea. After they'd custom-made the hat shelf to hang jackets and coats, Linnéa decided to move on to the cozy seating nook, which is the perfect spot for putting on your boots and wrapping up for the outdoors, as well as storing hats, scarfs and shoes.

Storage seating in the process of being made with three empty cabinets

(Image credit: Linnéa Martinsson (@krigadalsgard))

'In terms of the basics, you'll need something to measure with, a pencil, a screwdriver, and a saw,' Linnéa says. 'We used three METOD wall cabinet frames from IKEA in the dimensions 60x37x40, as well as the Maximize box insert. For the drawer fronts, we used the BODBYN design.'

Once she had all the materials, Linnéa and her partner cut some timber frames to fit along the bottom of the alcove to raise the seating and act as a skirting board so that it would blend seamlessly into her space. It was then a case of assembling the three METOD cabinets and fixing them to the base.

Storage seating during renovation process

(Image credit: Linnéa Martinsson (@krigadalsgard))

She purchased the wooden bench separately, using a wood stain to create the dark oiled effect for her entryway storage idea. This was then attached to the top surface of the cabinets. 'The seat is a wooden panel that we have oiled in wood stain,' Linnéa explains. 'In between each cabinet, we installed a thin board to get a ”built-in” feeling.' At 70 inches wide, it's just slightly wider than the cabinets so that a lip hangs over the edge of the drawers.

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Storage seating painted sage green

(Image credit: Linnéa Martinsson (@krigadalsgard))
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Of course, an IKEA hack wouldn't be complete without a splash of color. This beautiful sage green paint shade is the perfect calming shade for this cozy spot, and it pairs wonderfully with the delicate wallpaper at the top of the wall and the warmth of the brass handles that Linnéa chose for the drawers. 

'Both colors in this space are from Jotun,' she explains. 'The color on the cabinets is called ”Green Harmony” while the color of the paneling is ”Pale Linden”.' The green theme is echoed in the delicate wallpaper at the top of the wall (the design is Wilma Green from Sandberg Wallpaper).

Storage seating in a panelled alcove painted sage green with decorated shelves above

(Image credit: Linnéa Martinsson (@krigadalsgard))

While this IKEA hack works beautifully as a standalone project, what's most impressive is the attention Linnéa has given to detail. A closer look at her home shows that shiplap walls and ceilings are used throughout the space, while her kitchen also uses METOD cabinets, brass hardware and a sage green color scheme. It makes for a wonderfully cohesive space that flows seamlessly from room to room which, let's face it, is everything we'd ever wish for in our own homes! For more IKEA hacks and design inspiration, check out Linnéa's Instagram

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