Virgo season is upon us - here's why these signs are such "perfectionists", and how to organize your home like one

Now is the perfect time to harness some of Virgo's more methodical qualities and apply them to your home

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Patient, practical, perfectionist: three traits that apply to Virgos, and with the dawn of their zodiac upon us, you can expect the next month to reflect those same attributes. That's why Virgo season (23rd August - 22 September) is the perfect time to purge your home and organize your life, no matter your star sign. 

A grounded Earth sign, Virgos are among the most organized people you'll ever meet, and so, while ruled by their skies, it seems only right to take a leaf out of their book. After all, the stars are quite literally aligned for it. 

Whether you're a flighty Saggitarius or an impetuous Aquarius (both prone to eschew organization in the home...), now is the time to harness some responsibility and borrow some of Virgo's more logical-minded qualities. It's the ideal month to set your mind to some closet organization, sort out that paperwork that's piled up on your desk, or declutter your whole home once and for all. 

Raring to re-organize your home? Here, professional astrologers explain why now is the perfect time, alongside some tips on how to be a bit more 'Virgo' in the process. 

Why Virgo season is the perfect time to re-organize your home 

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When we enter a new zodiac, there's a shift in the alignments of our planets, sun, and moon. During Virgo, Mercury rules, a planet that influences intelligence, analytical skills, and resourcefulness to problem-solve, which is why this is the perfect month to look at some ways to organize the home

One word of warning, however: this year, August 23 marks a period that could present as a double-edged sword. That's because today, Mercury enters retrograde. That's right, that infamous astrological phenomenon is upon us once more, which means you can expect confusion, delay, and frustration to invade your life for the next three weeks or so. This means your organizational efforts won't be as simple as they otherwise might, but allow the diligent-minded Virgo qualities to guide you and you're sure to feel far more level-headed in the months to come. 

1. Virgo skies govern it

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Guided by Mercury - the cosmic symbol of learning, thinking, and practical reasoning - Virgos are meticulous planners and headstrong workers. They've thought out a solution for every possible scenario and produce perfect to-do lists, and their organized home likely reflects that. 

For the rest of us, this month is about letting the Virgo skies guide us to implement our own organization. As astrologer and psychic Stina Garbis of Taro Too explains: 'Virgo season is the perfect time to get your act together, get your house in shape, and start getting ready for back-to-school and the soon approaching holiday season.' 

Virgo season is also a time for diligence and responsibility after the chaotic, firey period of Leo that precedes it. The mutable star sign is about flexible goal-setting with reasonable expectations and so, now is the perfect time to reassess any aspects of your life - and the home - that might need adjusting. 

2. Virgo season bridges two seasons

The Virgo zodiac straddles late summer and early fall, meaning it's the perfect time to embrace change and reset your home. Changing seasons represent rebirth, so whether it's a 'fall' clean or a back-to-school sort out, make the most of this transitional period.

'From mid-August through mid-September, we see a transition of not only the physical seasons but also the amount of light in the sky,' adds Courtney Trethric, a Hellenistic astrologer at Interstellar Harmony. 'In preparation for the cooler months, taking a leap to organize while we have more light in the sky helps us slowly adjust for fall and winter. Hence, Virgo season is a good time to start your deep clean on your house, preparing for the winter months, or tackle decluttering the garage.' 

3. Fall equinox means equilibrium 

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After Virgo season ends on 23rd September, we’re met with Libra, a period that houses the Fall Equinox. As Courtney points out, the equinoxes are a perfect time to start decluttering, organizing, or cleaning your home. 'These parts of the year often give us an opportunity to shift like the seasons do, and make space for things that better align with our way of life, or just physically make more space to make room for the new,' she says. 

How to organize your space like a Virgo 

If you want to harness the favorable qualities of Virgoan energy, it's a good idea to look at their approach to organizing and decluttering for some inspiration. Here are three ways to embrace their methodical way of life in your home. 

1. Use containers for everything

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Virgos love any instrument or gadget that makes it easier to organize their life. Beyond the multiple calendars and expense trackers, one way to introduce this idea into your own life is with trusty containers for kitchen storage.

'Organizing like a Virgo entails using containers for everything,' says Stina. 'They containerize entire rooms, cabinets, cupboards, pantries, and get the backpacks and pencil cases ready for the coming school year.' Consider treating yourself to a set of new containers for your kitchen, complete with labels, and set yourself a 'Virgo resolution' to decant all your dry food supplies each time you visit the store. 

With the changing season thrown in the mix, look to spaces like mudrooms and entryways as a place to start your organizing efforts. Put summer jackets and shoes away in storage bins and bring out boots and raincoats for the coming weather. As Stina notes: 'Virgos are prepared for everything'.

2. Use lists

Virgos are systematic in nature, so they're a sucker for a to-do list. If you're not typically a Post-it note person, treat this as your sign to become one. Make a decluttering checklist, list all your tasks for the following day before bed, and leave reminders around the home so you stay on top of things. 

'Try to declutter like a Virgo by starting with a list,' says Courtney. 'Get as detailed as you can, and you get bonus points for timing out how long each task will take. Virgos love knowing all the nitty gritty details, so, being as intricate as possible with your planning is a must. If you’re more tech-savvy, learning how you’ll want to organize by making a Pinterest board or searching TikTok might be helpful too, just make sure not to get too distracted!'  

3. Use the KonMari decluttering system

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The KonMari method by Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo is a decluttering tip that's been hailed by professional organizers, and the simple yet effective approach is something of a Virgo's dream.

'Virgos are master declutterers,' Stina says. 'They enjoy using the KonMari system which encourages decluttering through categories of items and determining if the item is something that they love and if it sparks joy. Once you've determined that it’s something to keep, find the perfect cute container to put it into to make sure that it is safe, protected, and stylish.'

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