Scentscaping is the ultimate trend to help create the cosiest night in this autumn

The White Company founder gives top tips for using the scentscaping trend to create a fragrant haven in your home this autumn

Autumnal candle arrangement by The White Company
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Scentscaping is the subtle art of choosing and arranging home fragrance in a way that conjures up the perfect atmosphere. Everybody loves a scented candle, but strategic placement and meticulous choice of scents can really take how your home feels to a whole new level. 

Choosing the best candles you can find is the first step to successful scentscaping. But there's a little bit more to it. We've asked Chrissie Rucker, The White Company Founder and OBE, for her top tips evoking the scentscaping trend in your home this autumn.

Scentscaping trend

1. Take the size of the room into account

The White Company AW21 dining

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The first step in creating a successful scentscape, according to Chrissie, is 'scenting by space, especially in the colder months when you want to make your home as warm and cosy as possible.'

It's all about introducing just the right amount of scent for the size of your room – the effect should be enveloping but not overpowering. Keep it simple in smaller rooms, Chrissie says – 'for smaller rooms, we suggest burning one candle', preferably an all-natural, 'botanical candle', which 'is a beautiful option for coffee tables and sideboards.'

If you're blessed with a larger living room or dining room, 'try placing a couple of candles throughout the space, dotted on side tables and mantlepiece.'

2. Combine smokey and fruity notes for the ultimate autumnal effect

The White Company autumn scents

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The perfect autumnal home fragrance is the one that you most associate with the days getting cooler and darker. Some people adore the warm fragrance of pumpkin and vanilla, while others prefer smoky compositions suggestive of fireplaces and bonfires. 

Chrissie's golden rule for autumn home fragrance is to go halfway, for 'fruity scents blended with smokey notes of wood and cedar' – they 'are perfect for adding autumnal warmth and recreating that chalet-inspired feel.' 

If Chrissie had to choose one, she'd go for Cassis, which 'has long been our autumn favourite because of its rich and fruity notes, think ripe hedgerows of blackberries and blackcurrant, warmed up beautifully with clover and cedar. A beautiful scent to dress up for or simply unwind with.'

3. Mix and match candles and reed diffusers to add depth

A diffuser and candle by The White Company

(Image credit: The White Company)

Finally, if you can't choose between candles and the best reed diffusers, there's excellent news: you don't have to. Chrissie's top tip is to combine candles with 'a reed diffuser to amplify the long-lasting scent release.'

 This technique will add more dimension and depth to your favourite home fragrance, and is especially suitable to larger rooms or hallways.  

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