Designers love the color of Hailey Bieber's incredible walk-in shower - 'it's so tranquil!'

Hailey's step-in shower evokes both luxury and tranquillity. Here designers tell us the secret to why a loud luxury bathroom design never gets old.

hailey bieber at the vanity fair party on the red carpet
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Hailey Bieber seems to be the celebrity on everyone’s radar right now. Whether it’s her latté makeup or glazed donut nails, the model and beauty brand owner has the Midas touch when it comes to online trends. But it is her step-in shower which is ticking our boxes. 

The Founder and Creative Director of popular beauty brand, Rhode, took to Instagram to share with her 50.5 million followers the launch of her newest beauty product in a photo featuring the most glorious step-in shower in the most wonderful modern bathroom

The walk-in shower is a built-in space crafted from marble in tones of charcoal and dove gray and features double glass doors. The hardware in the shower, from the door handles to the shower head itself, are made of a warm brass-look metal and the inside of the unit itself is covered with an ashy-colored square tile throughout.

Hailey’s shower is nothing short of a luxurious haven and it is a hit with Zara Khan. ‘I love how dramatic and glamorous it looks!’, Khan, the owner of Zara Khan Interior Design, says. ‘The darker stone is a bold statement. It could have easily been overwhelming if it was used in the entire shower. By adding a calmer stone, I think she kept her bathroom relaxing, but still edgy.’

The trick is in the color

marble shower room

(Image credit: Future / Anna Stathaki)

Style Director and Design Psychologist, Amber Dunford, is able to shed light on why Hailey’s shower feels so relaxing. ‘The more monochromatic white and gray marble inside offers a visual break and a sense of tranquility,’ Dunford says. ‘Humans typically like more grounding colors with visual weight at their feet, so this combination from dark to light feels like a nice palette for a shower where we typically start our day.’

The added warmth of the brass effect hardware against the cool marble also impresses our designers. ‘The contrast against the cooler marble helps the hardware feel a bit more special, and adds that layer of drama you wouldn’t experience if the hardware were in black for example', says Dunford. ‘Think, a black and white outfit with the perfect layer of gold jewelry.’

A walk in shower area

(Image credit: Heidi Caillier Design. Photo credit Haris Kenjar)

The shape and step-in nature of Hailey’s shower adds to this sense of luxury. Elizabeth Vergara of Vergara Homes in New York tells us ‘step-in showers are a practical choice due to their accessibility and modern appearance. They eliminate the need for shower curbs, offering both style and convenience.’ 

Amber Dunford adds: ‘Expansiveness in design often feels luxurious, so stand-in showers can be an easy way to achieve a high end look by creating dedicated “shower room” within your bathroom.’ This is further elevated by the square shape which makes the space feel custom and more thoughtful, in Dunford’s opinion.

It's possible to recreate on a budget

You may be looking at Hailey’s shower thinking it looks beautiful, but how can I recreate it on a more modest budget. Vergara says ‘for a budget-friendly version, consider porcelain tiles that mimic marble's look, such as Carrara or Calacatta options. They achieve a similar aesthetic without the high cost.’ 

You can also maximize the impact of the expensive marble frame, if you go down this route, with the remaining materials. Dunford says: ‘If you are going to splurge on marble, make sure to include a shower door that compliments the marble, or opt for no door at all to really highlight the marble. In Hailey’s space, the glass door with gold framing and a decorative handle really elevates the marble without detracting from its beauty.’

Zara Khan similarly insists that less is more in a space like Hailey’s. ‘Resist the urge to add accents in too many places,’ the designer advises. ‘I appreciate that Hailey didn't use the same statement tile in her recessed shower niche and let it just stand out on the floor and perimeter.’ 

Though a bathroom like Hailey’s is certainly an investment, the features which sing the loudest - the shape of the overall space and contrasting warm and cool materials - can be recreated on a tighter budget meaning the feeling of luxury the space exudes isn’t totally out of reach.

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