This Viral "Floating" Christmas Tree Is Beyond Super Festive - Here's How to Simply Recreate It

The floating Christmas tree has gone viral for how wonderfully festive it is - learn how to simplify it yourself from a DIY expert and shop everything you need here

How to DIY the viral "floating" Christmas tree, as seen on TikTok.
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Beloved since the early 1600’s, our Christmas tree tradition is as classic as it gets. Classic doesn’t mean boring per se - but with hundreds of years of history under its belt, it seems high time for our favorite festive symbol to enjoy a little creativity. 

We’ve spotted innovation on how to decorate a Christmas tree here and there: minimalist trees, tinsel trees, ones dressed in monochromatic white… Though, nothing has really given us the change we’ve been seeking - until now. 

Behold the viral “floating tree” - the brainchild of LA-based artist Juan Reteria and multi-hyphenate content creator-interior design expert, Marco Zamora. And jump to the bottom for how to simplify this majestic effort.

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Marco initially thought to hold a tree with a shower rod - expanding it between his living room’s beams - thus allowing him to suspend the tree, sans nails or holes. Though, it was Juan who conceived the ingenious idea of a spiral-shaped tree, cascading down from ceiling to floor.

To achieve this innovative concept, the duo rolled chicken wire into a spiral. Next, they expanded three shower curtain rods in between Marco’s living room beams, finishing off the spiral structure with clear fishing line.

Now comes the fun part: decorating! The pair added different layers of pine trees for a forest-like look, adorning the foliage with jewel-toned flowers like amaranthus, orchids, and anthuriums. The finishing touch? A sprinkle of snow, “for the magic,” says Marco. Voila!

How to simplify the floating tree

Juan and Marco are professionals, so we understand that recreating the whimsical tree for yourself could feel quite daunting. 

We spoke with DIY expert James Bryant at Cut My on how to simplify the "floating" tree-making process: “You could make this on a smaller scale, which could have just as much of a visual impact, while being a little more beginner-friendly, with less weight hanging from the ceiling - especially if you don’t have anywhere to put tension rods to support it.”

James adds, “Instead of creating the chicken wire frame, you could attach fishing wire to your ornaments, or foliage as he has done, as suspend them individually from the ceiling. You can recreate the spiral shape by hanging them at different heights, or make a more traditional Christmas tree shape by starting with the lowest ornaments in a circle, and work your way up to the top point, making the fishing wire shorter as you get further up the ‘tree.’”

There you have it! The tree of your dreams awaits. 

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