This exact shade is the most popular color of the fall – designers reveal how to style the unexpected trend

Pink is responsible for four of the five most sought-after shades of the season – but one hue, in particular, takes the crown

Setting Plaster No.231 & Calke Green No.34
(Image credit: Setting Plaster No.231 & Calke Green No.34 by Farrow & Ball)

2021 has seen gray, greens, and organic neutrals reign supreme over the interiors industry – and their power remained entirely unchallenged – until now. 

While we confess, this power-trio isn’t going anywhere fast, new data* has revealed a new tone will reset color room ideas this fall – and it’s a color that isn’t traditionally synonymous with the season. 

The research reveals Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster – an aging pink with mustard undertones – is the most popular shade of the moment, according to search trends. 

Setting Plaster No.231 & Calke Green No.34

Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Setting Plaster No.231 & Calke Green No.34 by Farrow & Ball)

However, this dusty hue isn’t the only blushing color to emerge in the top five. Instead, four of the five most in-demand colors exhibit pink tones, with the only exception being Farrow & Ball’s India Yellow.

Dead Salmon, and Sulking Room Pink, also from the paint powerhouse, both ranked in the top five, while Dulux’s Copper Blush – another pink shade – similarly sits amid the most desired colors of the moment. 

In all its natural blazing glory, you would be forgiven for associating fall with reds, oranges, and verdant greens, but as search trends suggest, pink is the new color of the season. But what do the designers think? Is this Setting Plaster’s moment, and if so, how should we style it in our homes? 

Sharing their painted wall ideas, the experts reveal what you need to know.  

Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball

Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball)

‘Pink is one of my favorite colors in interiors. It is offend associated with baby girls’ bedrooms or ultra-feminine schemes, but combined with the right color and furnishing can be a great hue for the whole family,’ explains designer and color guru Eva Sonaike. She continues, focusing on Setting Plaster’s ever-popular allure. 

‘I love the dusky undertone of Setting Plaster, which gives it a muted and elegant feel. This shade is very versatile, as it can easily combine with various other colors,’ Eva says. ‘Setting Plaster and grey is great for a sleek and modern look.’ 

The designer recommends pairing the shade with ‘dark wooden antique or mid-century furniture’, which will make an unrivaled statement. ‘Combining it with a soft khaki green is great for a contemporary feel, which is very popular at the moment,’ she adds.

Pink kitchen with vase and green kitchen island

(Image credit: Roundhouse Design)

Roundhouse designer Paul Welburn (who designed the pink Sadiku kitchen above) also responded to the upcoming interior design trend – and similarly suggested styling the tone with dark furnishings. 

‘We are seeing the return of these soft tones generally, and I particularly like pink,’ Paul says. ‘It provides a lovely backdrop to some stronger color choices that are being used in living spaces. In this instance, the pink offsets the dark counters and joinery.’

Are we on the verge of a color revolution? The data and designers would suggest so. Now you know the colors that go with pink, it's time to invest in dark furnishings and get ahead of the trend. 

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