The smart appliance tipped to be the most coveted Kitchen must-have in 2022

Experts predict that a new way of cooking is going to make this smart kitchen appliance a must-have in the new year

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When it comes to modernizing our homes with the latest technology, the kitchen has been a little slow to catch up. However, in 2022 according to experts, there is one piece of smart tech that will be making waves in our kitchens - smart ovens. 

Smart ovens have been around for a few years, however, as the technology has developed some ovens will pretty much do everything for you but take the dish out. 

It's for this reason that Jake Colwill, sales and operations manager at Kitchen retailer Kutchenhaus, predicts smart ovens are going to become the next big modern kitchen idea for 2022.

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2022's kitchen appliance must-have - Smart Ovens

'One of the major pieces of technology that will be seen in more kitchens is the smart oven as we will begin to see a revolutionary new way of cooking called volumetric cooking,' explains Jake. 

Volumetric cooking is a way of cooking that allows an oven to cook multiple items with different cooking times all at the same time. 'The Miele dialog oven is the primary provider of this currently,' explains Jake.

'You can place all the ingredients into the oven at the same time such as with a roast and it manages to cook them all at different speeds, so they finish at the same time.'

What this means in practice is that a fish encased in a block of ice can be placed in the oven. When it comes out the fish will be perfectly cooked, but the ice will still be solid - something that Miele demonstrated when it first unveiled the oven in Germany in 2018.

'Having seen a demonstration of this when it was first launched, everyone will be dreaming of this before long!'

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It might sound like the stuff of a futuristic kitchen, but the Miele dialog oven has been on sale in Europe since 2019.  However, like with most tech items such as best smart speakers, it's taken a few years to catch on. Oh, and there is also the £8,199 price tag to contend with. 

However, while the Miele dialog oven might be the dream, other smart ovens with prices starting at around £800 are also becoming increasingly popular.

'Smart ovens are becoming increasingly popular due to developments in technology. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, smart ovens can be controlled seamlessly from your smartphone, allowing you to select, adjust and keep an eye on your food without even having to open the oven door,' says Jessica Sergent, oven expert at

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Jessica predicts that the next big shift in smart ovens will be going completely hands-free. 'Voice-activated control of your oven is likely to be one of the next big advancements in this appliance,' she says.

The NEFF N 90 B57VS24H0B oven (available at is already closing the gap on this advancement. You can start and end cooking programs and change the cooking settings via voice control through Amazon's Alexa and the Home Connect app.

Oh and forget about looking up cooking times on google, the built-in baking and roasting assistant will do that for you!

If you've ever spent Christmas day missing all the present action because you were in the kitchen, it's easy to understand why one of these ovens will be shooting to the top of many wish lists this year. If we were you we'd be keeping an eye on those Black Friday smart home tech deals just in case.

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