Drew Barrymore's Kitchen Range now has a Compact Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, and it's Available in a Host of Colors

The Beautiful by Drew kitchenware range just got bigger and better with the addition of this single-serve coffee machine

Drew Barrymore in a kitchen featuring her single-serve coffee machine
(Image credit: Walmart)

By this point, Drew Barrymore is as well-known for her design skills as she is for her acting. Her Beautiful by Drew range, available exclusively at Walmart, started its life as a line of kitchen appliances before expanding into furniture, producing our favorite boucle swivel chair of 2023. Now, though, Drew's teased a new product that's joined the lineup, and needless to say, we were excited.

After much anticipation, an equally gorgeous bean-to-cup has joined the roster, one of the best coffee makers we've seen in a while. Its compact design and impressive color range has caught our attention. Appliances are an essential part of any modern kitchen so finding one that not only works well but also looks good on your countertop is essential. This slim design won't take up valuable real estate on your all-important surfaces, either.

Every morning should start with a good cup of coffee, and this shouldn't be reserved for expensive coffee shops. Having a machine in your home that produces a consistently good cup of joe is a game changer, and something we all deserve. 

Now you can have just that with Drew's single-serve coffee machine. Priced at just $99, the bean-to-cup machine joins her existing drip coffee maker and comes in four soft pastel shades - cornflower blue, sage green, white icing, and black sesame. The machine grinds and brews whole beans instead of pods, making it a much more sustainable and barista-approved choice for your kitchen

That's not all, though. What's especially great about this machine is its versatility. It offers full personalization over size and coffee strength, meaning you can make it just to your taste. The integrated grinder also auto-grinds the precise amount of coffee for any cup size or brew strength selected, meaning that it's not only better for the planet, but it's better for your wallet too.

Its super slim design also makes it ideal for small kitchens as well. If the surface area of your kitchen countertop is at a premium, this small machine will fit snuggly in the corner so you can curate a mini coffee bar no matter how limited you are on space. We also think the subtle color and soft matt finish make it an ideal machine to blend seamlessly with the rest of your modern kitchen design. 

You can always rely on Drew for beautiful designs that perform well, and this machine is no different. If you're looking for an affordable, well-designed coffee machine to add to your home, look no further.

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